4 unique tips to become a practical Muslim

how to become a practical muslim

how to become a practical muslimIdeologically no doubt we are Muslims. We are proud of being Muslim. With our appearance most of us clearly look as the followers of Islam. But are we practically following this religion of peace and blessings. This is the right question we must ask to ourselves. On the occasions of any religious festival we follow the teachings related to it. But is this enough to be the follower of one of the most modern religions of the world? Exactly not. For this we have to at least follow the Faraiz (obligations) and stay away from all major sins (Gunah kabeera) more particularly.

Apart from common disinclination to be a practical Muslim, there are minor things which stop us to fulfill the obligations and simultaneously rubbish things attract us spoil our belief. So we have to take strict vigil over apparently trivial things which actually drag us to the path of disaster. For this purpose here are 4 unique tips to control the negative thoughts and happily act upon Islamic teachings.

Remain alert of evil force

This is the first step which can make us realize where the fault lies. We must see where we skipped the obligations willfully and where some evil force stopped us to do so. This evil force is not any physical being. It is a pretext. Whenever we make a plan to do a good deed the second thought that comes in our mind is a fascinating proposal to defer it for awhile and do something more necessary work. That evil force tries to convince us to first finish the worldly work so that we can offer the prayer with more devotion. It is nothing but a misguidance. To crush such thoughts we should argue if we don’t offer prayer on time we would not be able to concentrate on our work. To fight any kind of negative thought we must prepare a counter argument to reject it. We must remember that evil force never rejects our idea of doing something good. It tries to make us defer it with the plan to do a good deed more effectively after sometime. So remain alert of evil force.

Don’t be unduly courteous

This is the second hurdle whenever we try to fulfill our obligations. While at workplace we sometimes become reluctant to quit a gathering. In family we try to defer any good work just to avoid displeasure of any family member. So instead of becoming rigid in observance of Islamic teachings we should ask them to join us if our fellow beings are also Muslims and are very close to us. Secondly we should make an impression as if our religious activities are our unavoidable routine which we enjoy doing on time. In this way we don’t have to inform them while going to mosque to offer prayer or to do any other religious obligation.

Always fulfill basic requirements

This is another lethal attack from the evil force to stop us do our religious obligations. Sometimes a negative though misguide us that we are not in complete physical purity, sometimes it create a doubt about the cleanliness of our clothes or appearance. So from the start of the day we should take full care of our cleanliness and purity and don’t give a chance to our negative self to stop us doing well.

Keep praying for the righteous way

We must remember that without the support of Allah we can never stay on the right path. So applying all our tips and tricks to become a practical Muslim we must keep on seeking the favor of Allah. Obviously He will help us to be His obedient worshippers and this must be our firm belief. In this way we would always resort to Him in case any worldly affair attempts to divert us from the right path.

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