5 tips to improve your memory without any medicine

tips to improve your memory

tips to improve your memoryWeaker memory is problem of every second person. We mostly admit that we can’t remember everything we read or learn. That is why we have to face embarrassment when we miss any important work. We forget when to do which work. We mostly don’t remember when we have to wish someone on his achievement or on any moment of joy. After that we have to get excuse from him. This is not the problem to remember tiny things only. Most of the students can’t memorize their lessons properly. So it is must to learn how to improve your memory. But the important thing is while doing so you should not apply any medicine just like most people in western world do. Believe me you can learn how to improve your memory with a little practice and improving your habit of memorizing the things you watch, read or learn.

Have a second look

Whatever you have to put into your memory don’t place it aside after first look. Always cast second look either it is name of a person, an important date, a cell number or anything else. Just cast the second look that would help you recall it when you need it. If there is lengthy message or stuff which you need to remember then no doubt you can’t grab it in first or second look. In this case you need to read it properly and memorize it if you have to keep it in your mind and don’t have any chance to copy it in your smart phone or tablet.

Read loudly

If you read anything loudly you do two things with it. First you read it and then you listen to your own voice reading it. It means it goes into your memory twice. This is a good habit to remember things properly but you can do this if you feel comfortable doing this. Obviously sitting in waiting room of a hospital you can’t read aloud to make the receptionist ask you shshhhhhhhhhhhh.

Grab the gist

Whatever you have to remember you should try to keep in your mind most important element of the information. For example if you want to remember the address of someone, just try to memorize the house number and street number. The name of locality is usually not uncommon and you can recall it with a little effort.

Repeat once after awhile

This is also another useful tip to remember anything which you read or listen. Simply repeat the most important information which you want to retain in your mind after awhile. In this way you will not miss it and can note it down after reaching somewhere where you can jot it down in your phone or tablet.

Tag it with interest

This is also an interesting tip to remember the names of people. Just tag the name with any interesting event or aspect of your life. If you have to remember the name in English you can translate it into another language which you know if you know the meaning of that name. Or just try to translate the name into simple words if you need to keep it in your mind for a longer period of time.

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