5 ways to show your deep love for Islam

how to express your love for Islam

how to express your love for IslamYou feel pain when any excess is committed on Muslims anywhere around the world. This is your right to protest over such excesses. It is equally important to express your solidarity with your Muslim brethren. But the most commendable way is to express your deep love for Islam to let the world know that followers of this religion of peace are fully awake and can peacefully register their protest against any kind of atrocity. The most peaceful way of recording your anger is to let the global community know you feel pain when any of your Muslim brothers or sisters has to face a cruelty anywhere around the world.

Here are 5 effective ways to show your deep love for Islam peacefully to inform people that ours is a religion of peace and tranquility.

Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook account you can join a community Page on it to be with your Muslim brethren and show the Islamic unity. You just need to search several Islamic pages on Facebook and select the one that is related to your region or the specific cause for which you want to express your views and opinion.

Google+ Community

Google+ has several Islamic community sections where you can be with your fellows and record your views about an issue. You can be its permanent member if the cause is also of permanent nature. You can also share your experiences regarding the issue.

Online Islamic Forum

There are several online Islamic forums where you can register yourself and share your views and comments about any issue. Some big forums have secondary platforms according to the multiple issues Muslims are facing in the whole world. You need to pick the one which you want to join and start interacting with your fellow forum members on it.

Online Petition Sites

There are several online petition sites where you can sing up to upload a petition against any atrocity against Muslims anywhere or to applause the good work of a group of a nation that helps humanity across the board. You can also publicize your online resolution through social media to make more and more people support it by signing it. Here are a few online petition resources.

Blog Comments

If you have strong feelings about an issue related to Islam you need to search blogs related to it. You can give your comments about it in the articles of your desired blogs and can show your reservation or anger about an issue.

So these are the five most peaceful ways to express your deep love for Islam and record your anger against any atrocity being committed on Muslims anywhere in the world. Remember your language should not be hate speech against any religion because we are the followers of Islam who firmly believe in live and let live to make this world a beautiful abode for all.

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