Top 5 credible sites to get Islamic quotes

Islamic quotes

Islamic quotations or Islamic quotes are quotes which are either related to Islam or are either from a person who is recognized as an important Islamic personality or from an important Islamic book such as the Holy Quran or any one of the six appropriate collections of Ahadith. For example, some of the most popular…

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What you must know to become a practical Muslim?

become a practical muslim

A practical Muslim can simply be defined as a Muslim who does not only state that he or she is a Muslim but also embraces Islam in its entirety, performs the mandatory Muslim practices every day for as long as they are eligible and capable of performing them, and truly believes that Allah is the…

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Top 5 sources to read correct history of Islam

history of Islam

There are many reasons why the typical Muslim needs to know the history of Islam. First of all, people need to know Islam’s history for educational purposes. It is basically a must for the typical Muslim to know the history of their religion and to know how their religion came into being, which is why…

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How to get correct information about Islam?

information about islam

Many people often require information about Islam. Why is that so? Well, there are many reasons why people often require information regarding Islam, and the following are the most common ones: To clear confusions or doubts Many people often require information regarding Islam because they need to clear any confusions or doubts which they have.…

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What is significance of Rabiul Awwal in Islamic months?

Islamic months

Rabiul Awwal is the third month of the Islamic calendar, which is also known as the lunar calendar. The Islamic calendar, like the solar or Gregorian calendar, consists of 12 months, out of which Rabiul Awwal is the third. The fact that Rabiul Awwal is one of the 12 Islamic months is enough reason why…

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The great world peace hoax

world peace

World peace, also known as planetary peace, is a concept that was introduced to the world a long time ago and has since been the dream of a considerable amount of people. Many people, including politicians, government officials and the common man, strive as hard as they possibly can in order to realize the dream…

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Need not to defend Islam; we must always be proud of it

defend islam

The reason why Muslims feel the need to defend the religion of Islam is because of the propaganda hacks against Islam that are being organized by a large number of non-Muslims around the world. Propaganda hacks are hacks such as the disrespecting of the Holy Quran, animations of the Prophets, and discrimination against Muslims on…

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Why enemies of Islam are growing in number day by day?

enemies of Islam

Ever since the message of Islam was conveyed to the people of Makkah by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) after he experienced several revelations and came to know that he was a prophet, there have been a large number of enemies who oppose Islam and not only refuse to embrace it but also disrespect it in…

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Is Islam just a good mix of few rituals?

about Islam

Islam is believed to be a religion that strictly binds Muslims to worship and devotion to the religion. However, there are many occasions when Muslims are permitted by Allah to enjoy themselves and relax to an extent which can be deemed permissible in the light of the Islamic teachings and the Holy Quran, the ultimate…

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Why does Islam need not a worldly miracle to prove its greatness?

Islam and worldly miracles

Islam is without a doubt the most magnificent and the greatest religion in existence. In addition, there are a number of facts regarding the Islamic religion that make it so great. First of all, the Islamic religion is a religion that teaches its followers to live in peace and help those who need help, instead…

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