Top 5 learning toys for your kids

learning toys

Educational toys, also referred to as learning toys, are toys which have been designed specifically for educational and learning purposes. Educational toys are used to educate kids who are not ready for school. Basically, educational toys are used as a fun means of educating a child. Most children do not want to study and all…

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Zakah on goods

Q: What is the ruling of Zakah on trade goods? A: Zakah is Wajib on trade goods if the value reaches the Nisab of gold or silver. They will be valued to reach the value of either amount so as to benefit the poor. This is according to Imaam Abu Hanifa RAH. According to Imaam…

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The Islamic Weekend School Curriculum

Islamic Weekend School Curriculum

The need for an intense yet fun and purposeful Islamic weekend school curriculum was needed. The Head Teachers and staff of Ideal Muslim consulted and with the blessings of Allah have managed to produce an Intense, fun and purposeful Islamic Weekend School curriculum. Initially a 5 year plan has been devised, entry ages from 4-6. Our plan…

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