Why home tuition is the best way to earn part-time income easily?

earn part-time income easily

Home tuition is a type of tuition where the tutor visits the student’s home and tutors the student at their premise. There are many, many different types of tuition. For example, the most common type of tuition known to man is institute tuition which is provided at institutes. Another common type of tuition is where…

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Top 5 purely Halal online sources of income

online sources of income

Online sources of income, which are also referred to as online sources of revenue, are sources of revenue which either exist online or can be accessed using the internet as a medium. A source of revenue is any source or medium which a person can use to earn money. There are many different sources of…

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How to get house loan free of interest?

how to get house loan

A house loan, also known as a home loan or a mortgage loan, is one of the most common types of loans in existence. A house loan is basically a loan which is taken by an individual or company from an individual or a financial institution such as a bank or a credit union. In…

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What are 5 ways to earn Halal income with your full-time job?

earn Halal income

Halal income is income which is completely in accordance to all of the income-related rules which are included in the Sharia (the set of laws which each and every Muslim must follow and base their life around). Halal income is basically the type of income which each and every Muslim should and has to earn.…

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What is Takaful insurance and how to buy its plan?

Takaful insurance

Takaful insurance or Takaful indemnity is a co-operative system of reimbursement which is paid to the people or companies who are concerned about or are affected by hazards, both mental and physical. Basically, Takaful indemnity is an insurance plan or an insurance structure which is in accordance to all of the financial and insurance-related laws…

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How to find best Islamic banking services online?

what is Islamic banking

Islamic banking, also referred to as Islam-compliant banking, is a type of banking which is completely in accordance to the Sharia (Islamic laws). The fact that Islam-compliant banking is completely in accordance to the Sharia is the reason why Islam-compliant banking is also referred to as Sharia-compliant banking. The Sharia contains a large number of…

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How to open a personal account in an Islamic bank?

account in Islamic bank

A personal bank account is a bank account which a person has all to themselves. Personal bank accounts are designed for individuals, which is the reason why only one person can be the owner of a personal bank account. Unlike other types of bank accounts, personal bank accounts are for personal uses only. Personal bank…

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How to invest in Islamic mutual funds to earn extra money?

what are Islamic mutual funds

A mutual fund is an investment program which is funded by a number of shareholders, unlike the typical fund which is an investment program funded by an individual. Mutual funds are investment programs which are professionally managed and trade in diversified holdings. Basically, a mutual fund is an investment program which spreads the money of…

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Top 5 things very few people know about Islamic financial system

what is Islamic financial system

The Islamic fiscal system, also referred to as the Islamic financial system, is the financial system which Islamic countries and Muslims follow. Islamic fiscal system is a fiscal system that has been specifically designed for Muslims and Islamic countries, which is the reason why the Islamic fiscal system is completely Sharia-compliant, meaning that the Islamic…

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Top 5 Islamic banks in USA

are there Islamic banks in USA

As Muslims already know, Allah has forbade Muslims from receiving or paying interest on the money that they have either loaned to another entity or, in the case of the modern era, have deposited into a bank. Well, this is the reason why the concept of Islamic banking was initially developed. Islamic banking services are…

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