How to stay cool when you have lot of troubles?

how to stay cool

When a person has a lot of troubles, their mind becomes incapable of dealing with all of the troubles they have, and it gradually deteriorates. Basically, when a person has a lot of troubles, they become depressed and they lose their ability to concentrate on something for a considerable amount of time. In fact, when…

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How to succeed in your exams with flying colors?

how to succeed in your exams

Whenever a person is about to appear for an exam or a set of exams, they want to succeed in the exams (s) with flying colors, and many people wonder why that is so. Well, the reason why people want to clear their exams with flying colors is because they want to achieve success. If…

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What is the correct concept of Islamic matchmaking?

Islamic matchmaking

Matchmaking can be defined as mediation which takes place to bring about a marriage between two individuals. Matchmaking can also be defined as the process of creating a couple for marriage. Matchmaking is mostly used to pair individuals up for a type of marriage which is known as “Arranged Marriage”. An arranged marriage is a…

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How to increase your Islamic knowledge without any extra effort?

islamic knowledge

Every Muslim knows that it is necessary for them to obtain knowledge. A Hadith states that “To obtain knowledge is obligatory for all Muslims, both men and women.” Allah has deemed it compulsory for all Muslims to increase their knowledge, which is the reason why a person must gather as much knowledge as they possibly…

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Top 5 South Indian Halal food recipes

South Indian Halal food recipes

South Indian food is the food which originates from the Sothern part of India, commonly referred to as South India. South India is extremely rich in culture, which is the reason why this specific part of India is so popular and renowned. In addition, out of the many things which South India is popular for,…

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Top 5 tips to maintain your weight while spending a busy life

tips to maintain your weight

There are a number of reasons why a person must maintain their weight. Firstly, a person must maintain their weight because if they don’t their body might become prone to dire diseases and illnesses such as heart attacks. Another extremely important reason why a person must maintain their weight because if they don’t, their body…

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How to find free online Islamic stories for your kids?

Islamic stories

Islamic stories, also referred to as Islamic tales, are stories or tales which are based on areas related to Islam. The most common areas which Islamic tales are based on include important Islamic characters and personalities such as the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the Prophet Adam (AS) and the Prophet Ibrahim (AS), significant Islamic monuments such…

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5 parenting tips every Muslim father and mother must know

parenting tips

Not all parents are the best at parenting. It is true that some parents know more than other when it comes to parenting, but that does not mean that all parents know everything there is to know about parenting. Parenting is an extremely hard task, which is the reason why most parents face a number…

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How to find Islamic names meaning?

islamic names meaning

An Islamic name is a name which has Islamic origins. Typically, Islamic names are either names which are mentioned in the Quran or names which are identical to those of renowned Islamic figures such as the Prophets, the Sahabi or the family members of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Islamic names are commonly given to children…

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What is an ideal length of time for your morning walk?

ideal length of time for your morning walk

Morning walks are walks which people take in the morning. The morning is one of the few times during which people like to go on walks the most, and the reason why that is so is because the morning gives off a particularly soothing and relaxing vibe, a vibe which makes almost every person feel…

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