How to motivate daughters to wear Hijab?

observe hijab

As most parents already know, the needs of a daughter and the responsibilities that a parent receives upon conceiving a daughter are much, much different as compared to the needs of a son and the responsibilities that a person receives upon conceiving a son. In addition, daughters are also much different as compared to sons.…

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5 reasons to follow Hijab fashion and become a perfect Muslim woman

hijab fashion

The word “Hijab” can be translated to “Curtain” or “Veil”. The Holy Quran advises Muslim women to wear Hijab at all times and the reason why it advises them to do so is the fact that there should be a certain barrier or barricade between men and women. The Holy Quran states that women need…

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Top 5 online Islamic clothing stores

An Islamic clothing store is a store that sells Islamic clothing. Islamic clothing is a special type of clothing which is worn by Muslims around the world. Islamic clothing is in accordance to all the rules that have been set by Allah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Caliphs regarding the clothing that Muslims have…

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How to follow latest fashion trends as Muslim?

what are Islamic latest fashion trends

A trend is a pattern or an act that has become extremely popular. When doing something specific becomes popular and a lot of people start doing something, it becomes a “trend”. There are many, many different types of trends, each having to do with a different niche. The term “trends” is most commonly used when…

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Simplicity makes Islamic dress prominent everywhere

what is Islamic dress

It is the beauty of the Islamic dress that it is not only comfortable to make your daily chores but it also reflects your identity as Muslim. You maybe from any part of the world you are identified as a follower of Islam because of your Islamic dress. There is no any specific design, color,…

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5 tips to make your Abaya super cool

abaya super cool

Abaya is a gown for Muslim women. They compulsorily wear it to go outside home or whenever they have to stay in mixed gender gathering because of some work. Muslim women also put on Abaya at their workplace. In short it is religious obligation for women folk to fully cover themselves while going out from…

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How to make your Islamic clothing fashionable?

Islamic clothing is not something uncommon. It is like other types of clothing. It simply draws a line where you have to following the basic Islamic teachings. Else you can make any type of dress as the ideal Islamic clothing. There are certain prohibitions in Islam for your clothes. You must follow them to be…

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