What is the correct concept of Islamic matchmaking?

Islamic matchmaking

Matchmaking can be defined as mediation which takes place to bring about a marriage between two individuals. Matchmaking can also be defined as the process of creating a couple for marriage. Matchmaking is mostly used to pair individuals up for a type of marriage which is known as “Arranged Marriage”. An arranged marriage is a…

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How to find free online Islamic stories for your kids?

Islamic stories

Islamic stories, also referred to as Islamic tales, are stories or tales which are based on areas related to Islam. The most common areas which Islamic tales are based on include important Islamic characters and personalities such as the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the Prophet Adam (AS) and the Prophet Ibrahim (AS), significant Islamic monuments such…

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5 parenting tips every Muslim father and mother must know

parenting tips

Not all parents are the best at parenting. It is true that some parents know more than other when it comes to parenting, but that does not mean that all parents know everything there is to know about parenting. Parenting is an extremely hard task, which is the reason why most parents face a number…

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Top 5 learning toys for your kids

learning toys

Educational toys, also referred to as learning toys, are toys which have been designed specifically for educational and learning purposes. Educational toys are used to educate kids who are not ready for school. Basically, educational toys are used as a fun means of educating a child. Most children do not want to study and all…

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How to keep your teen kids away from bad habits?

keep your teen kids away from bad habits

A bad habit is any bad activity that a person has adapted to or has become accustomed to. Some of the many activities which are quite commonly referred to as bad habits are smoking, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, lying, and stealing. People often adapt to bad habits, which is something that a person should never…

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How to provide your kids Islamic education along with their schooling?

Islamic education

It is no mystery that all Muslim parents want to provide their children with both Islamic and non-Islamic education at the same time. Many people wonder why that is so. Well, there are many reasons why people want their kids to attend Islamic schooling as well as non-Islamic schooling at the same time. The most…

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How to tell a daily Hadith to your family without any plan?

learn daily hadith

Ahadith, also referred to as traditions, is the collection of traditions that contain the sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself. Ahadith contain accounts of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s daily practices (the Sunnah) and are considered to be a major source of guidance for Muslims. The Ahadith are highly ranked as one of the most…

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Is modern education sufficient to make your kids good Muslim?

modern education for your kids

Modern education is the education that most schools are practicing in the current era, an era of technology and modernization. Modern education is practiced in almost every education institute around the world, including educational institutes in Muslim countries. Many people wonder what modern education consists of. Well, apart from normal, old fashion education, modern education…

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How to make your family adopt Islamic way of living?

how to adopt Islamic way of living

It is not necessary that your family may also be practical Muslim like you. This is observed especially when you are not head of your family. In this way you have double task first to motivate them to be practical Muslim and meanwhile don’t let them know you are working on this task. For this…

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How to train your kids as practical Muslim?

tips to make your kids practical Muslim

From the very beginning we fondly make our kids memorize various recitals and ask them to repeat for their grip on holy versus. We especially make them remember various dua especially related to daily chores like before eating food, awaking in the morning, greeting others etc. After that a stage comes in the life of…

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