How to find an ideal match for your son or daughter?

islamic matrimonial

Islam is a logical religion. It does not ask us to spend our life like a hermit in complete isolation. It fully allows us to live in this world with all its formalities. It asks us to build our family and then grow it further. That is why there is much importance of institution of…

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Top 5 facts about marriage in Islam

facts about marriage in Islam

It is wrongly assumed that in Islam that the wife has fewer rights than husband. It is also misconceived that the wife has to remain like a slave of her husband. This is absolutely wrong perception about marriage in Islam. It is the most modern religion of the world that assures equal rights to both…

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How often do you spend engaging with your children?

As Salaamu Alaikum The importance of engaging with your children How often do you spend engaging with your children? Do you know what engaging means? Many people think that they are engaging with their children by putting the tv on whilst the parents are cooking, or on their laptops etc…     Engagement means to…

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Muslim Arranged Marriages

Muslim Arranged Marriages is it allowed? Well all marriages are arranged in some way or another. The implication of Muslim Arranged Marriage usually means force marriages. As a bottom line rule, Islam does not permit force marriages at all; the nikah (marriage) must be accepted by both the bride and groom without force. If there…

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Islamic Wedding Ceremony

The Islamic wedding ceremony is a very simple process which is not intended for showing off or praise. The ceremony is as easy and simple as 1 2 3. 1 being find a suitable partner, 2 being find two witnesses and an Imam (not necessary can be anyone) and 3 both say “I accept”, done…

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