How to develop the habit of taking simple diet?

what is simple diet

A simple diet, also referred to as a plain diet, is a diet which is not at all disadvantageous for the body but is not too advantageous for it either. Contrary to common belief, a plain diet is not the same as a balanced diet which is a diet that is nothing but advantageous for…

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Top 5 qualities of every type of Islamic food

what is Islamic food

Islamic food, also referred to as Islamic chow or Islamic cuisine, is the type of food which Muslims have been advised to eat. Islamic cuisine is the cuisine that posses all the qualities that, according to the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the food which Muslims eat should possess. Islamic cuisine is completely…

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Top 5 precautions for enjoying meat on Eidul Adha

what to care while eating meat on Eidul Adha

Eidul Adha is the event where Muslims sacrifice cattle (sheep, goats, cows or camels) in the name of Allah and later distribute the meat of animals they sacrifice among their relatives and among the people who need it. Eidul Adha is one of the two Eids that occur every Islamic year and are celebrated by…

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Top 5 meat dishes to enjoy on Eidul Adha

meat recipes

Eidul Adha is one of the two Eids that Muslims celebrate every year and, like Eidul Fitr, lasts three days. Eidul Adha takes place on the 10th-12th of Zilhajj every year and is the event where Muslims perform sacrifice. The sacrifice that Muslims perform in the name of Allah on the event of Eidul Adha…

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How to buy Halal meat in a non-Muslim country?

places to buy halal meat

Before a Muslim can eat a specific food, they need to make sure that it is Halal. Any food items that are not Halal cannot be eaten by Muslims because Allah has forbidden Muslims from eating Haram food items under any circumstances. Halal meat is the meat that is produced when a Halal animal is…

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5 simple tips to make your Iftar full of nutrients

how to make your Iftar full of nutrients

Being Muslim we are fully allowed to enjoy the Allah’s blessings if we can afford. The only need is to avoid any kind of pompous intention while enjoying any comfort in life. Simultaneously we must not forget our Muslim brethren who cannot afford to take even one-time meal in a day and we must spare…

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3 tips to make your sehri full of nutrients

tips to make sehri full of nutrients

It is an old saying that you can eat as much as you can digest in your sehri to remain energetic during the whole day. In this way you can perform your daily chores without any weakness. You will not feel weakness during the whole day nor you need to tell someone you are in…

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Muslim Eating

The area where food would be eaten should be prepared cleanly, tidily and moderately. Muslim eating consists of only lawful food and drink. ·         Food should be prepared from only lawful ingredients. Pork, alcohol, anything containing gelatine taken from pig and alcohol, is forbidden in Islam. ·         Cooking little extra broth is recommended since it…

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