How to stay cool when you have lot of troubles?

how to stay cool

When a person has a lot of troubles, their mind becomes incapable of dealing with all of the troubles they have, and it gradually deteriorates. Basically, when a person has a lot of troubles, they become depressed and they lose their ability to concentrate on something for a considerable amount of time. In fact, when…

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How to succeed in your exams with flying colors?

how to succeed in your exams

Whenever a person is about to appear for an exam or a set of exams, they want to succeed in the exams (s) with flying colors, and many people wonder why that is so. Well, the reason why people want to clear their exams with flying colors is because they want to achieve success. If…

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How to find Islamic names meaning?

islamic names meaning

An Islamic name is a name which has Islamic origins. Typically, Islamic names are either names which are mentioned in the Quran or names which are identical to those of renowned Islamic figures such as the Prophets, the Sahabi or the family members of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Islamic names are commonly given to children…

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What is the true concept of love in Islam?

love in Islam

Love can be defined in a number of different ways. Love can be defined as a strong feeling of affection or liking, love can be defined as a great interest, intrigue or pleasure in something or someone, and love can also be defined as a feeling of intimacy or deep affection towards someone. There are…

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Top 5 qualities you must have to become a good speaker

become a good speaker

The term “speaker” is most commonly used for a person who speaks. However, a more appropriate definition of the term “speaker” is a person who acts as the presiding officer in a legislative assembly. The most common examples of speakers include the people who speak at government assemblies, the people who speak at school assemblies,…

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5 part-time jobs you can do without affecting your prayer schedule

part-time jobs

A part time job is the polar opposite of a full time job. A part time job is a job which a person does not have to work on a regular basis. To be more specific, when a person does a part time job, they are not actually “employed” by their employer. Part-time jobs do…

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When you should seriously think to start a new business

start a new business

Many wonder what the benefits of starting a new business are. Well, the following are some of the most important benefits of starting a new business. It’s a fresh start and a brand new opportunity When a person starts a new business, their slate is wiped clean. A person obtains the opportunity to start fresh…

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How to save time for spending it with Islamic minded people?

how to save time

Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have advised Muslims to spend their time among people who value what they themselves value and people who believe what they believe. For Muslims, these people are Islamic minded people. Basically, Allah and His Messenger have advised the Muslim Ummah to spend whatever time they spend with others among…

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How to be happy in life without any wrongdoing?

how to be happy in life

It is not mystery that the wisest of people advise others to be happy throughout their life without causing any harm to the people around them and without committing any wrongdoings whatsoever. Many people wonder why that is so. Well, there are many reasons why a person should always be happy throughout their life. First…

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5 ways to fully abide by Islamic teachings in minimum time

how to abide by Islamic teachings

Modernization is constantly chewing on the spare time that a person has and has managed to put Muslims in such a position where they have to choose between abiding by Islamic teachings and surviving in this world. The schedule of the average Muslim who lives in this era of timelessness and despair is completely distorted.…

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