How to keep learning whenever you have free time?

A person needs to learn as much as they possibly can and a person needs to gather all the wisdom that has been provided to them. A person can simply not learn enough. The world is a vast as a person can imagine it to be and until or unless a person can gather and…

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How to work well with non-Muslim colleagues at workplace?

tips for how to work well

Muslims living in foreign countries need to know how to work well with non-Muslim countries. There once was a time when Muslims and non-Muslims lived together in unity and in peace. However, the once decent relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims has now been corrupted and poisoned by extremists and by people who do not want…

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How to celebrate Eidul Adha in a non-Muslim country?

ways to observe Eidul Adha in a non-Muslim country

Eidul Adha is one of the two Eids that Muslims celebrate every year. The event of Eidul Adha lasts three days and takes place on the 10th-12th Zilhajj of every Islamic year. Eidul Adha is the event where Muslims perform sacrifices in the name of Allah. To be more specific, the sacrifices that Muslims perform…

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How to use internet as Muslim?

using internet as Muslim

The internet is the most famous part of the current era. In fact, the modern era is also known as the “internet era” or the “era of internet”. The reason behind that is that the internet is the most well-known part of the era that we are living in and the internet is probably the…

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Why you should not rely on others for a sure success?

tips to achieve sure success

Success is when a person achieves something that they have always wanted to achieve. Success is when a person has experienced victory over an opponent and no matter what opponent they were facing or what obstacle stood in their past, success is probably the most awesome feeling in the world. Whenever a person experiences victory,…

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How to get benefits of electronic media as Muslim?

tips to take benefits of electronic media

The fact that electronic media has a lot of advantages is not a mystery. About everyone who lives in the modern era knows about electronic media and knows that electronic media has a large number of advantages. What is electronic media you ask? Well, electronic media is the most recently discovered type of media. Electronic…

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Islamic stores are going online but not at a fast pace

best islamic stores

An Islamic store, also known as a Muslim store, is a store that has been specifically created for Muslims. Islamic stores are the stores which sell every single item that a Muslim might need and can also get the items that a Muslim needs for them. There are many Muslim stores around the world and…

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How to enjoy your life being a Muslim?

tips to enjoy your life being a Muslim

A Muslim’s life is unlike the life of any other person from any other religion in this world. Muslim’s need to follow a number of rules and there are many things that Muslims have been forbidden from doing. Muslim’s need to approach every idea and everything with caution and that is simply because Muslim’s are…

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How to remain helpful to others?

tips to be helpful to others

There are many reasons why a person should be helpful to others. One of the many reasons is to earn brownie points from the person they are trying to help. However, helping someone in order to earn brownie points is considered to be immoral simply because a person needs to remain helpful to others all…

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How to spend free time as a Muslim?

tips to spend free time as Muslim

First and foremost, the one thing that needs to be made clear is that Muslims should not have free time in the first place. They should be performing prayers and worshipping Allah. But, that is not the case with the Muslims of today and even though the Muslims of the modern era perform prayers, read…

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