How to take charge of your problem of undue laziness?

how to gid rid of undue laziness

Laziness, also known as indolence or idleness, is the quality of being unwilling to work or exert energy. Many people are lazy and possess the quality that is known as laziness. To a certain extent, laziness can be considered a good quality. However, when the height of a person’s laziness reaches a certain extent, it…

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How to avoid laziness and be an active member of society?

how to avoid laziness

Laziness is when a person is pretending to be tired or is pretending to be suffering from fatigue when in reality, they are completely and totally fine. Basically, laziness is the human body’s way of saying “no” to being active and actually doing something that requires a considerable amount of energy. Laziness needs to be…

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4 easy ways to remain an active Muslim

how to become an active Muslim

In our early age we remain an active Muslim without much effort. That is the benefit of early age. But after growing a little older it gets quite difficult to remain lively and agile. We think several times to move physically. We love to keep sitting and stick to table work or a work that…

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3 effective ways to bring peace of mind

how to bring peace of mind

Simply good actions are not enough to bring peace of mind. For this your soul must also be purified by your good deeds. Whatever good you do you must do it from the depth of your heart. You must be proud of your every action. The ultimate objective to do any good deed is not…

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4 morning tips to spend a healthy Islamic life

how to spend a healthy Islamic life

Being Muslim we whole-heartedly fulfill our religious obligations. We offer five-time prayer and try to never miss any of them. We solemnly keep fasting in the month of Ramadan and offer Taraveeh prayer regularly. We pay zakat once in a year to seek pleasure of Allah. If we afford we go for performing Hajj. Similarly…

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How not to become a lazy Muslim?

Many of Muslims very proudly call ourselves Muslims but if we analyse their daily routine it seems their priorities are quite worldly. They work hard to earn their livelihood. They devotedly fulfill the rights of their relatives and neighbors. They help the needy. But in case of daily prayers and other compulsory obligations, they have…

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