What is the true concept of love in Islam?

love in Islam

Love can be defined in a number of different ways. Love can be defined as a strong feeling of affection or liking, love can be defined as a great interest, intrigue or pleasure in something or someone, and love can also be defined as a feeling of intimacy or deep affection towards someone. There are…

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5 easy abdominal exercises for people of all age groups

abdominal exercises for people of all age groups

Abdominal exercises are exercises which focus mainly on a person’s abdomen and their abs. All abdominal exercises are extremely popular because they can help a person develop strong abs and can help maintain them too. For people who are into bodybuilding, abdominal exercises are a crucial part of their everyday bodybuilding schedule because they are…

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Newspaper reading; how to decide what to read and what to skip

newspaper reading

Newspaper reading, which is also referred to as newspaper interpretation, can be defined as the act of reading or interpreting a newspaper. Many people quite commonly indulge themselves in newspaper interpretation for a number of reasons. For example, many people have made newspaper interpretation a solid part of their daily routine because they simply want…

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What is cardio fitness and what are its benefits?

what is cardio fitness

Cardio exercise can be defined as any exercise which elevates a person’s heart rate. The word “cardio” refers to the heart, which is basically made up of cardiac muscles, and the cardio-vascular system which supplies all of the cells in the body with blood. There are many, many different cardio fitness exercises which a person…

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Top 5 learning toys for your kids

learning toys

Educational toys, also referred to as learning toys, are toys which have been designed specifically for educational and learning purposes. Educational toys are used to educate kids who are not ready for school. Basically, educational toys are used as a fun means of educating a child. Most children do not want to study and all…

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Top 5 home-made low calories drinks

low calories drinks

A low calorie drink can be defined as a drink which has a lower amount of calories as compared to normal drinks. Low calories drinks are the drinks which the people who are on diets are suggested to drink. Low calorie drinks are the ideal drinks for the people who do not want to gain…

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What should be an ideal daily routine of a Muslim?

ideal daily routine of a Muslim

The daily schedule of a person is the sequence in which a person does things day in and day out. An everyday routine is basically a schedule which a person follows every single day. Almost every person in existence has a daily routine of their own. The daily routines of two people may be different,…

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Top 5 Lebanese food recipes you can easily make at home

Lebanese food recipes

Lebanese foods are the foods which have either originated from or are extremely popular in the country of Lebanon. Lebanese food recipes, on the other hand, are the recipes for the foods which have either originated from Lebanon or are extremely popular in the country. What are Lebanese foods famous for? Lebanese foods are extremely…

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How to keep your teen kids away from bad habits?

keep your teen kids away from bad habits

A bad habit is any bad activity that a person has adapted to or has become accustomed to. Some of the many activities which are quite commonly referred to as bad habits are smoking, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, lying, and stealing. People often adapt to bad habits, which is something that a person should never…

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Top 5 benefits of eating salad with your meal

eating salad

Salads are a specific type of “cuisine”. The typical salad is a dish consisting of various mixtures of either raw or cooked vegetables. Salads are usually seasoned with vinegar, oil or certain other dressings. Salads are mostly accompanied by or come bundled with dishes which feature meat, fish or other similar ingredients. Salads can be…

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