How to increase your Islamic knowledge without any extra effort?

islamic knowledge

Every Muslim knows that it is necessary for them to obtain knowledge. A Hadith states that “To obtain knowledge is obligatory for all Muslims, both men and women.” Allah has deemed it compulsory for all Muslims to increase their knowledge, which is the reason why a person must gather as much knowledge as they possibly…

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Newspaper reading; how to decide what to read and what to skip

newspaper reading

Newspaper reading, which is also referred to as newspaper interpretation, can be defined as the act of reading or interpreting a newspaper. Many people quite commonly indulge themselves in newspaper interpretation for a number of reasons. For example, many people have made newspaper interpretation a solid part of their daily routine because they simply want…

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What should be an ideal daily routine of a Muslim?

ideal daily routine of a Muslim

The daily schedule of a person is the sequence in which a person does things day in and day out. An everyday routine is basically a schedule which a person follows every single day. Almost every person in existence has a daily routine of their own. The daily routines of two people may be different,…

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5 tips to develop the habit of punctuality without any tutorial

develop the habit of punctuality

In specific terms, punctuality can be defined as the quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time. Punctuality can also be defined as the act of being punctual. Punctuality is a quality which almost every business wants in an employee. In fact, punctuality is considered a prerequisite for working in any company or organization.…

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How to start an Islamic blog and manage it in your free time?

how to start an Islamic blog

An Islamic blog is a blog which revolves around the religion of Islam and is based on it. Islamic blogs typically display a considerable amount of information, all of which is related to the religion of Islam. Islamic blogs are extremely popular, especially among the online Muslim community. Naturally, Islamic blogs are mostly followed by…

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Top 5 ways to become a productive Muslim without any practice

how to be a productive Muslim

A productive Muslim or a fruitful Muslim is a Muslim who is productive and is capable of yielding the fruit of everything that Islam teaches Muslims. A fruitful Muslim is a Muslim who practices as many Islamic teachings as they possibly can. A fruitful Muslim is a Muslim who does not only know of the…

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How to build self- confidence with little effort?

tips to build self-confidence

So you want to build your self-confidence to achieve your ambitions of life. You have applied several tips and tricks but could not have succeeded in your effort. You might have taken sessions with psychiatrist to build self-confidence but you failed in your every attempt. Ok, don’t worry you landed here at right place and…

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Top 5 productive activities you can enjoy while fasting

5 producitive activities to do in Ramadan

In the holy month of Ramadan there are general feelings that owing to physical weakness one should take rest after doing necessary chores. This is a wrong approach. Even in fasting after doing necessary work like household work or job and doing all obligatory and important worships you can avail your time with several productive…

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How to utilize every moment of your life?

tips to enjoy your life according to Islam

Followers of materialism believe that the purpose of the creation of human beings is just enjoyment. They are born to grow, earn, enjoy and die. This is the main reason of the chaos and anxiety in this world. Everybody is running after money and self-interests. So much so that he forgets the humanity and working…

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5 tips to spend a simple life

ways to spend a simple life

Simplicity is the soul of beauty. It has long lasting positive effects on your life. We always gain by it and lose less or even nothing. But it is very difficult to adopt it. In this age of materialism and fanfare it is a challenge to spend a simple life. Being a Muslim we want…

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