Top 5 credible sites to get Islamic quotes

Islamic quotes

Islamic quotations or Islamic quotes are quotes which are either related to Islam or are either from a person who is recognized as an important Islamic personality or from an important Islamic book such as the Holy Quran or any one of the six appropriate collections of Ahadith. For example, some of the most popular…

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What is e-learning and how to take benefit of it?

what is e-learning

What is e-learning, you ask? E-learning is learning which is conducted using electronic media. E-learning is quite a popular concept, especially in the current era which is commonly referred to as “the era of technology” and “the era or electronic media”. E-learning is typically conducted through the internet, which is undoubtedly the most popular and…

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Warning; shaytan will exploit technology more and more against you

Shaytan and technology

Satan has took it upon himself to distract Muslims from worshipping Allah, distort their beliefs regarding Islam, make them drift away from the Almighty Allah and fill their hearts and minds with wrong thoughts and doubts. Satan has become the enemy of the Muslim Ummah, which is the reason why Allah, through the Holy Quran,…

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