Top 5 easy fitness exercises you can do anywhere

what are fitness exercises

what are fitness exercisesPeople living in the current modern era do not at all have the time to do things that they have to do, let alone the things that they should do. The people of today are so busy that they cannot even take one minute out of their everyday schedule to simply reward themselves with a break, which is the reason why most people cannot at all stay fit. The majority of people living in modern first world countries such as the United States of America have become quite unfit, with most people becoming obese.

People should perform fitness exercises regardless of where they are because there is a definite chance that they will not be getting any spare time to perform exercises in the future. A person should perform exercises as soon as they have even a few minutes of spare time regardless of where they are because there is simply no telling whether they will be getting spare such an amount of spare time in the near future or not. A person should try their best to simply cease the moment and make as much use of the spare time which they have as possible.

Top 5 fitness exercises which a person can perform anywhere

Many people want to perform exercises whenever and wherever they have a little spare time. However, most people do not know which exercises they can perform in the smallest possible amount of time. The following are the top 5 easiest fitness exercises which a person can perform anywhere in an extremely small amount of time:


Performing squats is the easiest and quickest exercise which a person can perform regardless of where they are. All a person needs to do in order to perform a squat is to stand straight up, slowly sit down into a crouching posture and then gradually make their way up again. Squats can be performed in an extremely small amount of space and in an extremely small amount of time.


Focusing on the biceps, triceps and thighs of a person, push-ups are also some of the easiest fitness exercises which can be performed practically anywhere. Push-ups require an extremely small amount of time and space, making it quite easy for a person to perform them whenever they have a little spare time.


Even though they can be quite dangerous if performed hastily, crunches neither require a lot of space and nor do they require a lot of time. In order to perform crunch, one must first lie down with their legs in an inverted “V” shape and their hands locked behind their head. Next, one has to make their way towards their legs with their hands still locked behind their head and, once they have completed this task, they need to go back into their previous position.

Side Stretches

Side stretches are quite easy and can be performed anywhere in an extremely small amount of time. For example, a person can easily perform side stretches while riding an elevator.

Stress Relievers

Stress relievers such as the rolling around of the head or the stretching of the neck are not only extremely easy but can also be performed almost anywhere.

What do you think are the 5 easiest exercises which a person can perform anywhere?

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