How to avoid committing sin?

tips to avoid committing sin

tips to avoid committing sinWe being Muslim keep on trying to avoid committing sin but sometimes evil overpower us and we commit it intentionally or unintentionally. Its reasons are many including weakening of our self (nafs) for the time being, bad impact of the surrounding, laziness to stay right and force of our friends and family. Reason may be whatever but we are the sole responsible of our every sin. We will be punished for that here and hereafter. It means several factors may make us do a wrongdoing but we have to suffer its punishment. With this theory in mind we can avoid committing sin by following the tips given below

I am alone in this world

Whenever circumstances force or tempt you for committing sin you just think about your reality. You came in this world alone and have to go back alone. During coming and going you have to be with several people with different types of relationships but finally you have to go from this world alone. Not only this, but you have to be accountable for all your dos and dons in this world and hereafter alone. For your good deeds you will be rewarded with blessings of Allah and for wrong deeds you will be given exemplary punishment. If you believe this all is going to happen with you must, then why do you be double-minded at the time of any temptation. You just think about this all the time and never succumb to the pressure of evil to do anything wrong.

Am I so weak?

If you feel that evil is about to overpower you, in this situation you must call yourself weak and not able to resist the evil temptation. In this way your internal self will wake up and you will stand firm against the odds.

What evil wants from me?

If evil is trying to mislead you and want to take you on wrong path, is it want to do this just now. Never at all, this is the strategy of evil to make us habitual of wrongdoings by and by to make us commit a sin on one reason or the other. After that we naturally become habitual of committing sin without second thought.

All are doing this

This is the most alluring reason evil offers to us. It always tries to convince us to do wrong on the incorrect premise that when all are doing this why don’t me. This is also a tactic of evil and we must defend it by saying if whole world jumps into the fire should I also do this.

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