How to make your Islamic clothing fashionable?

Islamic clothing is not something uncommon. It is like other types of clothing. It simply draws a line where you have to following the basic Islamic teachings. Else you can make any type of dress as the ideal Islamic clothing. There are certain prohibitions in Islam for your clothes. You must follow them to be a true Muslim and uphold your identity as a follower of Islam. These prohibitions are:

  • Men to hide their body from naval to knee with clothes
  • Women to cover their body from neck to ankle in their dress
  • Your dress must be loose enough not to display your body figure (both men and women)
  • Your dress must not be made of any Haram thing especially of any Haram animal
  • There must not be shapes, pictures of any living being on your dress
  • There must not be any unholy or sensational design or picture on your dress
  • Clothes color for men neither be red nor be of any extraordinary shocking color
  • The design and look of your dress must reflect your gender


If we look around, there are thousands and thousands of clothes’ designs and colors Muslims can wear and enjoy their life. The need is to just follow the above instructions and you can innovate as much as possible to look beautiful and graceful. It is a misconception that Islam stresses for unnecessary simplicity for clothing. It is considered good to wear as much simple clothes as possible but it is not prohibited in Islam to wear costly and fashionable clothes if they fulfill the above requirements.

Islamic clothing for men

Islamic clothing for men should be loose enough to conveniently move and perform their daily chores. It should reflect your culture, geographical affiliation and your age group. If any of your body part does not look prominent in clothing that is fully allowed in Islam. You just have to preferably select the color and fabric according to your age and make its design as impressive as you want. Please remember, there is no any restriction for wearing clothing of any culture but it must not portray you the follower of another religion. You must uphold your identity as Muslim in your clothing.

Islamic clothing for women

Women have to take extra care while selecting clothes to wear. They must cover their entire body from neck to ankle with loose fitting to hide every impression of their body. However, they can select lively colors with artistic designs in accordance with the teachings of Islam. There must not be any kind of dual meaning of the color and design of Islamic clothing for women. Even at home they must wear clothes strictly according to Islam and portray themselves as practical Muslim women. Their clothes must not have any man-like design or accessories like buttons or collar. If there is common practice to use any accessory equally for men and women clothing, it is allowed in Islam. But one must take care to avoid being looked as of opposite sex in his or her clothing.

How to make your Islamic clothing fashionable

There are very simple tips to follow the recent trends of fashion to enjoy your Islamic clothing. These are:

  • If you afford, buy the most fashionable fabric but get it stitched according to the teachings of Islam.
  • All types of designs without any shape of living being you can apply in your clothing.
  • You can apply creativity to make collar, cuffs and buttons of your clothing the most fashionable
  • You can use handicraft work to make your clothing more artistic
  • You can make a good mix of upper and lower to follow the latest fashion trends and be within the guidelines of Islam for clothing

So these are the tips to make your Islamic clothing fashionable. Please share your thoughts on how did you find this article in comments section given below.

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