Istinja – Fiqh – Level 1 Lesson 1

Istinja – Fiqh – Level 1 Lesson 1


Muslim toilet habits consist of the following:

1.       A Muslim should enter the toilet with the left foot saying “Allahuma inni audhu bika min al Khubthi wal Khaba ith” (In the name of Allah, in you I take refuge from all evils).

2.       Muslim toilet should be in a place of privacy, were on lookers cannot see and the private parts are not exposed.

3.       The feet should be protected by wearing slippers, shoes etc… To avoid transferring body impurities.

4.       Purification afterwards is necessary. This can be done by washing with water and by using toilet paper.

5.       The left hand should be used in at all times.

6.       You should not urinate or excrete in the direction of the Qiblah (towards makkah).

7.       You should not talk while using the toilet except in the case of real need.

8.       If someone says salaam, you should not respond and wait till you finish and come out of the toilet then reply.

9.       Leave the toilet area clean for the next person to use.

10.   Leave with the right foot saying “Gufranaka” (O Allah, forgive me).

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