5 parenting tips every Muslim father and mother must know

parenting tips

Not all parents are the best at parenting. It is true that some parents know more than other when it comes to parenting, but that does not mean that all parents know everything there is to know about parenting. Parenting is an extremely hard task, which is the reason why most parents face a number…

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How to open an Islamic weekend school in your area?

islamic weekend school

Islamic schools or Islamic institutes are places where the basics of the religion of Islam, the principles of the religion of Islam and the ways of Muslims are taught to people who are interested in learning about them. Typically, Islamic schools are attended by Muslims. However, in some cases, they are also attended by people…

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How to find Islamic names meaning?

islamic names meaning

An Islamic name is a name which has Islamic origins. Typically, Islamic names are either names which are mentioned in the Quran or names which are identical to those of renowned Islamic figures such as the Prophets, the Sahabi or the family members of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Islamic names are commonly given to children…

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Top 5 credible sites to get Islamic quotes

Islamic quotes

Islamic quotations or Islamic quotes are quotes which are either related to Islam or are either from a person who is recognized as an important Islamic personality or from an important Islamic book such as the Holy Quran or any one of the six appropriate collections of Ahadith. For example, some of the most popular…

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What is an ideal length of time for your morning walk?

ideal length of time for your morning walk

Morning walks are walks which people take in the morning. The morning is one of the few times during which people like to go on walks the most, and the reason why that is so is because the morning gives off a particularly soothing and relaxing vibe, a vibe which makes almost every person feel…

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What you must know to become a practical Muslim?

become a practical muslim

A practical Muslim can simply be defined as a Muslim who does not only state that he or she is a Muslim but also embraces Islam in its entirety, performs the mandatory Muslim practices every day for as long as they are eligible and capable of performing them, and truly believes that Allah is the…

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What is the true concept of love in Islam?

love in Islam

Love can be defined in a number of different ways. Love can be defined as a strong feeling of affection or liking, love can be defined as a great interest, intrigue or pleasure in something or someone, and love can also be defined as a feeling of intimacy or deep affection towards someone. There are…

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Top 5 online jobs for Muslim sisters

online jobs

Online jobs are jobs which can be worked via the internet. Most online jobs are jobs which require a person to work from wherever they can, as long as they have an active internet connection where they are working. Online jobs mostly revolve around the internet and people who work online jobs are typically required…

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5 easy abdominal exercises for people of all age groups

abdominal exercises for people of all age groups

Abdominal exercises are exercises which focus mainly on a person’s abdomen and their abs. All abdominal exercises are extremely popular because they can help a person develop strong abs and can help maintain them too. For people who are into bodybuilding, abdominal exercises are a crucial part of their everyday bodybuilding schedule because they are…

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Top 5 sources to read correct history of Islam

history of Islam

There are many reasons why the typical Muslim needs to know the history of Islam. First of all, people need to know Islam’s history for educational purposes. It is basically a must for the typical Muslim to know the history of their religion and to know how their religion came into being, which is why…

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