Top 5 benefits of eating salad with your meal

eating salad

Salads are a specific type of “cuisine”. The typical salad is a dish consisting of various mixtures of either raw or cooked vegetables. Salads are usually seasoned with vinegar, oil or certain other dressings. Salads are mostly accompanied by or come bundled with dishes which feature meat, fish or other similar ingredients. Salads can be…

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Top 5 ways to control your anger

ways to control your anger

Many wonder why anger is considered bad and is despised of. Well, there are a number of different reasons why anger is bad. For example, one of the most important reasons why anger is bad is the fact that anger can lead to a number of different diseases and illnesses which can be considered quite…

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Top 5 health benefits of dry fruits to enjoy your winter

health benefits of dry fruits

There is definitely a connection between dry fruits and the winter season. Whenever the winter season approaches, the prices of dry fruits start decreasing and the demand for dry fruits starts increasing substantially. Almost all households stock up their fair share of dry fruits as soon as the symptom’s of the winter season’s arrival start…

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Top 5 qualities you must have to become a good speaker

become a good speaker

The term “speaker” is most commonly used for a person who speaks. However, a more appropriate definition of the term “speaker” is a person who acts as the presiding officer in a legislative assembly. The most common examples of speakers include the people who speak at government assemblies, the people who speak at school assemblies,…

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How to get house loan free of interest?

how to get house loan

A house loan, also known as a home loan or a mortgage loan, is one of the most common types of loans in existence. A house loan is basically a loan which is taken by an individual or company from an individual or a financial institution such as a bank or a credit union. In…

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5 tips to develop the habit of punctuality without any tutorial

develop the habit of punctuality

In specific terms, punctuality can be defined as the quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time. Punctuality can also be defined as the act of being punctual. Punctuality is a quality which almost every business wants in an employee. In fact, punctuality is considered a prerequisite for working in any company or organization.…

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How to get correct information about Islam?

information about islam

Many people often require information about Islam. Why is that so? Well, there are many reasons why people often require information regarding Islam, and the following are the most common ones: To clear confusions or doubts Many people often require information regarding Islam because they need to clear any confusions or doubts which they have.…

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What are 5 ways to earn Halal income with your full-time job?

earn Halal income

Halal income is income which is completely in accordance to all of the income-related rules which are included in the Sharia (the set of laws which each and every Muslim must follow and base their life around). Halal income is basically the type of income which each and every Muslim should and has to earn.…

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What is e-learning and how to take benefit of it?

what is e-learning

What is e-learning, you ask? E-learning is learning which is conducted using electronic media. E-learning is quite a popular concept, especially in the current era which is commonly referred to as “the era of technology” and “the era or electronic media”. E-learning is typically conducted through the internet, which is undoubtedly the most popular and…

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5 part-time jobs you can do without affecting your prayer schedule

part-time jobs

A part time job is the polar opposite of a full time job. A part time job is a job which a person does not have to work on a regular basis. To be more specific, when a person does a part time job, they are not actually “employed” by their employer. Part-time jobs do…

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