How to start an Islamic blog and manage it in your free time?

how to start an Islamic blog

An Islamic blog is a blog which revolves around the religion of Islam and is based on it. Islamic blogs typically display a considerable amount of information, all of which is related to the religion of Islam. Islamic blogs are extremely popular, especially among the online Muslim community. Naturally, Islamic blogs are mostly followed by…

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Top 5 South Indian Halal food recipes

South Indian Halal food recipes

South Indian food is the food which originates from the Southern part of India, commonly referred to as South India. South India is extremely rich in culture, which is the reason why this specific part of India is so popular and renowned. In addition, out of the many things which South India is popular for,…

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When you should seriously think to start a new business

start a new business

Many wonder what the benefits of starting a new business are. Well, the following are some of the most important benefits of starting a new business. It’s a fresh start and a brand new opportunity When a person starts a new business, their slate is wiped clean. A person obtains the opportunity to start fresh…

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10 things you must have in first-aid box of your home

first-aid box of your home

A first-aid box or a first-aid kit is a collection of supplies or equipment which a person might need in order to administer first-aid to someone in the event that there is an emergency. A person can either put together a customized first-aid box themselves or they can simply purchase a first-aid box from the…

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How to motivate daughters to wear Hijab?

observe hijab

As most parents already know, the needs of a daughter and the responsibilities that a parent receives upon conceiving a daughter are much, much different as compared to the needs of a son and the responsibilities that a person receives upon conceiving a son. In addition, daughters are also much different as compared to sons.…

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What is significance of Rabiul Awwal in Islamic months?

Islamic months

Rabiul Awwal is the third month of the Islamic calendar, which is also known as the lunar calendar. The Islamic calendar, like the solar or Gregorian calendar, consists of 12 months, out of which Rabiul Awwal is the third. The fact that Rabiul Awwal is one of the 12 Islamic months is enough reason why…

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What is Takaful insurance and how to buy its plan?

Takaful insurance

Takaful insurance or Takaful indemnity is a co-operative system of reimbursement which is paid to the people or companies who are concerned about or are affected by hazards, both mental and physical. Basically, Takaful indemnity is an insurance plan or an insurance structure which is in accordance to all of the financial and insurance-related laws…

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5 Halal food recipes to reduce the impact of cold weather

Halal food recipes

The food which a person eats has a considerable impact on their body and ultimately on their health. In addition, the food which a person eats helps control the internal environment of the body. If a person eats a lot of cold food which does not provide their body with any energy, their body temperature…

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How to crush laziness while following Islamic teachings?

Islamic teachings

It is the responsibility of every living Muslim to follow Islamic teachings and perform all the duties which Islam bestows upon them. In addition, following the teachings of Islam is something that a person needs to turn into a Muslim needs to turn into a hobby of theirs. Following the teachings of Islam should be…

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5 reasons to follow Hijab fashion and become a perfect Muslim woman

hijab fashion

The word “Hijab” can be translated to “Curtain” or “Veil”. The Holy Quran advises Muslim women to wear Hijab at all times and the reason why it advises them to do so is the fact that there should be a certain barrier or barricade between men and women. The Holy Quran states that women need…

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