Top 5 diet food recipes you can enjoy in every country

diet food recipes

A diet food is a type of food whose recipe has been altered or edited in order to enable it to become a food which can help modify the body of the person who eats it. A person usually eats diet foods when they need a little assistance in accomplishing goals such as losing weight…

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How to provide your kids Islamic education along with their schooling?

Islamic education

It is no mystery that all Muslim parents want to provide their children with both Islamic and non-Islamic education at the same time. Many people wonder why that is so. Well, there are many reasons why people want their kids to attend Islamic schooling as well as non-Islamic schooling at the same time. The most…

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Top 5 health benefits of vinegar

health benefits of vinegar

Vinegar is known to be used in a large variety of foods which include Asian foods and continental foods, among many other types of foods. Basically, vinegar is used in the foods which need to have an acidic flavor and, since it is extremely acidic, vinegar is the perfect ingredient for the job. What are…

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How to relieve stress without affecting your daily schedule?

how to relieve stress

Basically, stress is a state of mental or emotional strain which results from both the mental and physical activity of a person during adverse or unfavorable circumstances. A person becomes stressed because when they are face with adverse circumstances, all they do is that the push their body to the limit, rapidly accumulating a lot…

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How to save time for spending it with Islamic minded people?

how to save time

Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have advised Muslims to spend their time among people who value what they themselves value and people who believe what they believe. For Muslims, these people are Islamic minded people. Basically, Allah and His Messenger have advised the Muslim Ummah to spend whatever time they spend with others among…

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Top 5 healing herbs you must keep at home

healing herbs

Healing herbs, also referred to as remedial herbs, are herbs which can be used for healing or remedial purposes. Generally, there are two types of remedial herbs. The first type of remedial herbs is the herbs which can cure illnesses or sicknesses such as stomach aches and toothaches. The second type of remedial herbs is…

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Top 5 healthy soup recipes to enjoy your winter

healthy soup recipes

The fact that soups are referred to as the best winter foods is not at all a mystery. All around the world, healthy soup recipes are considered to be delicacies of the winters, which is the reason why, as the arrival of the chilly season, soups become the talk of the town. Many people wonder…

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The great world peace hoax

world peace

World peace, also known as planetary peace, is a concept that was introduced to the world a long time ago and has since been the dream of a considerable amount of people. Many people, including politicians, government officials and the common man, strive as hard as they possibly can in order to realize the dream…

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How to find best Islamic banking services online?

what is Islamic banking

Islamic banking, also referred to as Islam-compliant banking, is a type of banking which is completely in accordance to the Sharia (Islamic laws). The fact that Islam-compliant banking is completely in accordance to the Sharia is the reason why Islam-compliant banking is also referred to as Sharia-compliant banking. The Sharia contains a large number of…

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Need not to defend Islam; we must always be proud of it

defend islam

The reason why Muslims feel the need to defend the religion of Islam is because of the propaganda hacks against Islam that are being organized by a large number of non-Muslims around the world. Propaganda hacks are hacks such as the disrespecting of the Holy Quran, animations of the Prophets, and discrimination against Muslims on…

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