Why enemies of Islam are growing in number day by day?

enemies of Islam

Ever since the message of Islam was conveyed to the people of Makkah by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) after he experienced several revelations and came to know that he was a prophet, there have been a large number of enemies who oppose Islam and not only refuse to embrace it but also disrespect it in…

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How to open a personal account in an Islamic bank?

account in Islamic bank

A personal bank account is a bank account which a person has all to themselves. Personal bank accounts are designed for individuals, which is the reason why only one person can be the owner of a personal bank account. Unlike other types of bank accounts, personal bank accounts are for personal uses only. Personal bank…

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Top 5 easy exercises for weight loss

exercises for weight loss

Many people wonder why they should lose weight or what the advantages of losing weight are. Well, there are many different advantages of losing weight. For example, losing weight helps a person decrease their chances of experiencing heart-related diseases and illnesses such as heart attacks. Secondly, losing weight also helps a person make sure that…

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Monthly Ideal Muslim of December 2013; promise fulfilled

So here is the December issue of Monthly Ideal Muslim with more innovations and attractions in its design, layout and contents. We have fulfilled our big promise and will be brining out it regularly without any break. Just pray for our success and keep reading and visiting this blog. Without your support it was not…

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Is Islam just a good mix of few rituals?

about Islam

Islam is believed to be a religion that strictly binds Muslims to worship and devotion to the religion. However, there are many occasions when Muslims are permitted by Allah to enjoy themselves and relax to an extent which can be deemed permissible in the light of the Islamic teachings and the Holy Quran, the ultimate…

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Why does Islam need not a worldly miracle to prove its greatness?

Islam and worldly miracles

Islam is without a doubt the most magnificent and the greatest religion in existence. In addition, there are a number of facts regarding the Islamic religion that make it so great. First of all, the Islamic religion is a religion that teaches its followers to live in peace and help those who need help, instead…

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How to know Muslim prayer times in your country?

Muslim prayer times, also referred to as Islamic prayer times, are the timings during which a Muslim can perform prayers. There are different time periods during which Muslims can perform different prayers. The five prayers which are mandatory for Muslims who are capable of performing them can be performed during 5 time periods. Islamic prayer…

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How to examine authenticity of an Islamic quote?

what are Islamic quotes

An Islamic quote, also referred to as an Islamic quotation or an Islamic extract, is a quote which has been taken from Islamic resources such as the Holy Quran and the authentic collections of the Ahadith. Islamic quotations are most commonly used to prove a point in the light of the religion of Islam or…

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How to be happy in life without any wrongdoing?

how to be happy in life

It is not mystery that the wisest of people advise others to be happy throughout their life without causing any harm to the people around them and without committing any wrongdoings whatsoever. Many people wonder why that is so. Well, there are many reasons why a person should always be happy throughout their life. First…

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How to develop the habit of taking simple diet?

what is simple diet

A simple diet, also referred to as a plain diet, is a diet which is not at all disadvantageous for the body but is not too advantageous for it either. Contrary to common belief, a plain diet is not the same as a balanced diet which is a diet that is nothing but advantageous for…

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