What are the top 5 tourist resorts of Islamic world?

what are top 5 tourist resorts

Tourism is a concept that has been mentioned in the Quran quite a few times. The concept of tourism in Islam is quite acceptable and the Holy Quran does not state in any place that a Muslim should not tour the world or visit tourist resorts. In fact, tourism has been encouraged by the Holy…

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How to invest in Islamic mutual funds to earn extra money?

what are Islamic mutual funds

A mutual fund is an investment program which is funded by a number of shareholders, unlike the typical fund which is an investment program funded by an individual. Mutual funds are investment programs which are professionally managed and trade in diversified holdings. Basically, a mutual fund is an investment program which spreads the money of…

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Warning; shaytan will exploit technology more and more against you

Shaytan and technology

Satan has took it upon himself to distract Muslims from worshipping Allah, distort their beliefs regarding Islam, make them drift away from the Almighty Allah and fill their hearts and minds with wrong thoughts and doubts. Satan has become the enemy of the Muslim Ummah, which is the reason why Allah, through the Holy Quran,…

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Top 5 things very few people know about Islamic financial system

what is Islamic financial system

The Islamic fiscal system, also referred to as the Islamic financial system, is the financial system which Islamic countries and Muslims follow. Islamic fiscal system is a fiscal system that has been specifically designed for Muslims and Islamic countries, which is the reason why the Islamic fiscal system is completely Sharia-compliant, meaning that the Islamic…

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5 ugliest propaganda hacks against Islam and how to counter them

what are propaganda hacks against Islam

A propaganda hack is a hack that has been organized in order to assist propaganda and to prove a point to the person or people whom the propaganda targets. In most cases, propaganda hacks are organized against specific races, specific nations and most importantly, specific religions. 5 of the ugliest propaganda hacks against the religion…

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Top 5 ways to become a productive Muslim without any practice

how to be a productive Muslim

A productive Muslim or a fruitful Muslim is a Muslim who is productive and is capable of yielding the fruit of everything that Islam teaches Muslims. A fruitful Muslim is a Muslim who practices as many Islamic teachings as they possibly can. A fruitful Muslim is a Muslim who does not only know of the…

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Top 5 easy fitness exercises you can do anywhere

what are fitness exercises

People living in the current modern era do not at all have the time to do things that they have to do, let alone the things that they should do. The people of today are so busy that they cannot even take one minute out of their everyday schedule to simply reward themselves with a…

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Top 5 qualities of every type of Islamic food

what is Islamic food

Islamic food, also referred to as Islamic chow or Islamic cuisine, is the type of food which Muslims have been advised to eat. Islamic cuisine is the cuisine that posses all the qualities that, according to the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the food which Muslims eat should possess. Islamic cuisine is completely…

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November Magazine; with new look and a big promise for regularity

Here is issue of November 2013 of Montly Ideal Muslim. We have set up a separate section to regularly bring out this flagship publication for our awesome readers. We have entirely changed its design and will be sharing it with you along with more innovations and improvements. So just grab your copy from here

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5 ways to fully abide by Islamic teachings in minimum time

how to abide by Islamic teachings

Modernization is constantly chewing on the spare time that a person has and has managed to put Muslims in such a position where they have to choose between abiding by Islamic teachings and surviving in this world. The schedule of the average Muslim who lives in this era of timelessness and despair is completely distorted.…

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