How to succeed in your exams with flying colors?

how to succeed in your exams

Whenever a person is about to appear for an exam or a set of exams, they want to succeed in the exams (s) with flying colors, and many people wonder why that is so. Well, the reason why people want to clear their exams with flying colors is because they want to achieve success. If…

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Is modern education sufficient to make your kids good Muslim?

modern education for your kids

Modern education is the education that most schools are practicing in the current era, an era of technology and modernization. Modern education is practiced in almost every education institute around the world, including educational institutes in Muslim countries. Many people wonder what modern education consists of. Well, apart from normal, old fashion education, modern education…

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4 tips to get Islamic education in modern times

how to get Islamic education

In this age of materialism and worldly competition it is not so easy to get quality Islamic education. The task gets more difficult if you live in a non-Muslim country. Even in Islamic countries all around the world the more focus is given on worldly education. There is a valid reason of it. Everyone wants…

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