How to find free online Islamic stories for your kids?

Islamic stories

Islamic stories, also referred to as Islamic tales, are stories or tales which are based on areas related to Islam. The most common areas which Islamic tales are based on include important Islamic characters and personalities such as the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the Prophet Adam (AS) and the Prophet Ibrahim (AS), significant Islamic monuments such…

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Top 5 learning toys for your kids

learning toys

Educational toys, also referred to as learning toys, are toys which have been designed specifically for educational and learning purposes. Educational toys are used to educate kids who are not ready for school. Basically, educational toys are used as a fun means of educating a child. Most children do not want to study and all…

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What is Islam for kids?

about Islam for kids

It is rightly asked by many that what Islam is for kids. In Islam when a kid is born, it is Muslim by nature. Muslim means obedient to the system of nature that is created by Allah. How a new born obeys the system of nature? It breathes to continue living, it takes feed to…

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