How to tell a daily Hadith to your family without any plan?

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learn daily hadithAhadith, also referred to as traditions, is the collection of traditions that contain the sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself. Ahadith contain accounts of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s daily practices (the Sunnah) and are considered to be a major source of guidance for Muslims. The Ahadith are highly ranked as one of the most authentic and complete guides for Muslims and contain all of the actions that the typical Muslim should perform and all of the practices that the typical Muslim should practice. The Ahadith are to be followed by Muslims because of the fact that whatever the Holy Prophet (PBUH) did, he did with the permission of Allah.

The Ahadith are extremely important to Muslims and, since they constitute a large source of guidance for the Muslims, are known to extremely authentic. The Ahadith have been narrated by a number of people and have been thoroughly checked for their authenticity over the course of time. Although some Ahadith have not been authenticated, the amount of authentic Ahadith is quite large. Each Hadith constitutes a guideline for Muslims and by following the Ahadith, Muslims earn a lot of spiritual rewards and merits.

Why should people tell the Ahadith they know about to others?

The sole reason why people should tell the Ahadith they know about to others is because by spreading Ahadith, a person earns a lot of spiritual merits and rewards. In addition, if a person tells a fellow Muslim about a Hadith, they will gain spiritual merits and rewards every time they act on the Hadith.

How can a person daily tell a Hadith to their family without any plan?

A person should tell all Muslims about the Ahadith they know. This is especially true in the case of family. A person should at least tell one daily Hadith to their family. The following are some of the ways through which a person can daily tell a Hadith to their family:

Relate a Hadith regarding whatever you and your family are doing

A person can easily tell one daily Hadith to their family by simply relating a Hadith regarding whatever they and their family are doing whenever they are together. If a person uses this way to tell a Hadith to their family on a daily basis, they will have to make it a point to learn about as many Ahadith regarding as many acts as they possibly can so that they can relate a Hadith to their family whenever they receive an opportunity to do so. Common examples include relating a Hadith regarding dining before or after a person and their family has a meal and relating a Hadith regarding sleeping whenever a person and their family are about to go to sleep.

Relate a Hadith to your family whenever the whole family is free

In most Muslim households, there is a time of day when the whole family is free. A person can use this opportunity to relate a daily Hadith to their family regarding various acts and topics.

How do you think a person should daily tell a Hadith to their family without any plan?

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