The Islamic Weekend School Curriculum

Islamic Weekend School Curriculum

The need for an intense yet fun and purposeful Islamic weekend school curriculum was needed. The Head Teachers and staff of Ideal Muslim consulted and with the blessings of Allah have managed to produce an Intense, fun and purposeful Islamic Weekend School curriculum. Initially a 5 year plan has been devised, entry ages from 4-6. Our plan is to cover a wide range of topics and teachings to the children of the ummah, however I can not stress enough the importance of parental involvement. The parents can not expect that the school teach their children duas and islamic teachings to find that no action has been implemented over the week.

Therefore, we have now decided to provide parents with the curriculum plan, lesson aims and objectives to ensure parents know what we are doing so they can match the teachings at home.

I pray Allah opens our hearts and minds to understand the responsibility given to us. Ameen

Islamic Weekend School Curriculum

 Islamic Weekend School Curriculum 5 year plan

Mohammed Sheikh (Ilford)

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