how to avoid bad people

4 tips to stay away from bad people

how to avoid bad peopleIf you stay in touch with morally degraded people it is obvious that it will impact you in a bad way. It is natural because a person is known by the person he/she hangs around with. It is also a misconception that if you are strong enough in your character no one can mislead you. This is absolutely wrong. Actually you will eventually adjust in an environment where you spend most of your time. There are several harms if you continue staying in touch with any type of bad people.

  • They distract you from the right path
  • They always will de-motivate you if you propose doing something good
  • They try to drag you in their wrongdoings
  • They discourage your good deeds
  • They try to push you in a moral decay to the point of no-return

Therefore, it is necessary to stay away from such people who instead of becoming good for you simply become a source of disasters for your life in this world and the hereafter.

Here are the four tips to stay away from such bad company

Make good friends

This is the most lethal tip to avoid bad people. If you make friends of your type then you won’t have much time to make more friends where some bad people may become your buddies. For this purpose you have to be picky in making friendship. But you should not become so snobbish while choosing a friend. Remember, every person has some shortcomings. So you have to minutely assess the character of the person and select the one who must not be involved in major sins.

Select friends with care

This is an age of hypocrisy. Bad people don’t proudly tell others about their bad deeds. Likewise in this age of civilization you can’t know either a person is bad or good because apparently everybody looks more or less same as far as appearance is concerned. For this purpose you must:

  • Take your time to make someone your friend
  • There must be a strong reference before getting familiar with someone
  • Don’t make someone best friend at once; by and by get familiar with that person
  • First manage friendship so formally and after assessing that person become personal

Don’t become so much personal

Never become so much personal with all your friends. Nor give them any secrete because weak moments come in everyone’s life and your any of your friend may hit your trust. That is why it is rightly said that other than family never become so personal with anybody even someone is your best friend. It is better to take care in advance than repenting after being hurt by someone.

Focus on your main goal

This is another effective tip to stay away from bad people. You come in this word for a purpose. You are born to spend your life as per Islamic teachings and become successful here and hereafter. So while staying in touch with any type of the group of people or an individual just think how much that relation would make you achieve your goal. In this way you would keep moving on right track by the grace of Allah.

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