5 Easy Tips to Create an Islamic Environment at Home

A Hadith a day Keeps the Shaytan away

A daily reminder of the Prophetic sayings and actions would be a good start to encourage Islamic teachings. This can be achieved using various creative means:


  • Formal Taleem (Sitting down sharing and discussing the Hadith)
  • Informal reminder over Dinner
  • Written on the fridge (As fridges can be used like whiteboards)
  • A family group SMS or the new app WATS APP.
  • Best after any Salah

Pray at least one Salah with Jamah (Together, congregation)

Parents must establish regular prayer themselves first, and must make effort to perform Salah as a family at least once a day ideally Fajar or Esha or both. This will give you the opportunity to start and finish the day with the family for the sake of Allah. What more can you ask for? O yes then breakfast would be nice. Easily achieved if all the family members contribute to preparing and then eating.


  • Alarm synchronised in each room
  • First person wakes up others
  • Azaan nice and loud
  • Water gun for people like me (Disclaimer: Will work but cannot guarantee safety of the user)

Read Quran everyday

The house must hear the Quran, the people within must hear the Quran daily. There must be a daily dose of Quran within the four walls of your house. Your children must be born into a house where they are immune to the Quranic verses daily.  It must live within the bricks, cement and paint of your house.


  • Ideally Surah Yaseen in the morning and Surah Mulk and Sajdah in the evening
  • After a fix Salah
  • Reading together as a family after a specific Salah
  • Ideally you should make an effort to read if not at least play it on youtube or CD etc… So the house and children can hear the beautiful sounds of the Quran entering their hearts and minds.

Make a mini Masjid in your Home

That doesn’t mean you actually build one, but you specify a space in your home for the use of Salah, reading, zikr etc… It is important to have a fixed place of worship in your home; this brings the family to one place at salah times.

  • A specific cupboard containing, musalla (Prayer mats), hats, scarves, tasbeeh, books, Itr, etc…


Do you have a library where you can find information on Islam? There should be an area dedicated to teaching and learning, where an environment of seeking knowledge begins. Maybe even put a computer there, so you can access the online books.

  • Ask the family where a good space would be
  • Set a bookshelf
  • Setup a computer
  • Maybe put encouraging posters

Remember, this all theoretically, and imaginatively sounds nice. However, the true beauty is in the action. Try it, you will be amazed.

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