5 tips to adjust in a non-Muslim society

When Muslim families shift in secular societies of Europe and America their main concern is to retain their cultural identity. They get so much perturbed to see the liberal and free way of living here. So much so they get confined into their homes. They become very choosy and just meet the Muslims and avoid meeting non-Muslims. However, it may reflect as if Muslims are snobbish. We have to live in a way to hate the wrong actions and not the wrongdoers. Our effort should be to influence them to make them respect our way of living. Here are five tips to adjust in a non-Muslim society upholding our identity.

Strict control of sight

This is the most embarrassing reality of living in a free society. We should silently avoid the people living in a freestyle way with least concerned about their dressing and decency. Here we have only one choice. We must make our habit to strictly control our sight. We must not feel stress while doing this but develop this habit on permanent basis. We have to accept this reality that we cannot change them nor we suppose to do this quickly. We just have to show the strength of our character by dealing with them where it becomes must to talk or to see them. We should not behave snobbishly. We should talk to them in a way to let them know this is now allowed in our religion to cast look on opposite sex but we also respect others way of living if it does not harm us.

Islamic training to our kids

Our kids who are borne in a liberal society may not be as much disturbed here as we get so most of the time. It is because they opened their eyes in a culturally free environment that is why they might not have any problem with this. But we should develop fully Islamic environment at our homes to let them know the blessings of decency and culture. In this way they would feel the difference. For this we must grow our home environment completely Islamic with fully adopting the way of Islamic living.

Interaction with Muslim community

On weekend we should try to make party with Muslim families living in our surroundings with separate gatherings for males and females. If it is not possible so we can manage the party by women observing hijab (parda) during the gathering.

Muslim TV channels

Apart from watching local news channels we should set the Muslim TV channels in our TV set at home and in our laptop and cell phone. In this way our memories about our Islamic environment and Muslim values will not get dim after passing a long time in a free and liberal society. Consequently we will uphold our moral values.

Online connectivity

There are several groups and pages on social media where we should get connected to interact with the communities of our religion and share our thoughts with them. In this way we have a sense of online Islamic environment around us and we would not be influenced by the open trends of a free society.

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