5 tips to avoid backbiting

Backbiting (talking bad about someone in his absence) is one of the worst sins in Islam. Perpetrator of this sin is called like a person who eats the meat of his own dead brother. With this explanation you can understand how much it is prohibited in Islam. But it is generally observed that in social gatherings it is quite common to blame or call bad someone who is not present there. Many people can’t avoid doing this. Here are 5 tips to avoid backbiting and also stop others from doing so.

Let’s talk about us

This should be motto of your communication either individually with a person or in a group if you really want to avoid backbiting. Instead of directly asking others to avoid backbiting you should engage them so much so in communication about those who are present that they don’t have chance to talk bad about those who are not present.

Don’t prolong the communication

If you think you have talked to somebody as much as it was necessary it means now you should wind up your meeting. Either in a party or in one-to-one communication don’t drag the communication just to pass the time. If you don’t have any productive topic to talk just wind up or get engage in any other positive activity like reading newspaper, working on lap top or something else.

Introduce new topic promptly

If you feel your listener is getting bore with your speech or someone is trying to talk about someone who is not present you may introduce another topic to discuss and help people avoid backbiting. If people are fed up with talking about politics just talk about the last night cricket match in which your country performed so well.

Give value to praise

Whoever praises someone you should appreciate it. Not only this, but rightly add into praise to keep continuing the positive activity of praising somebody. In short promote the culture of praising a person who is not present in the gathering. In this way people would come to realize that if someone is not present he can be praised as well.

If someone is really bad

You should not stop somebody from backbiting if he intends to tell the negative aspect of a person who is not present there but you may deal with that absent person in future. So you should listen to such factual narration and also do it whenever you feel necessary to tell your friends about some bad attributes of a person who is not present.

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