how to become healthy Muslim

5 tips to become healthy Muslim

how to become healthy MuslimIt is rightly said that a strong and healthy Muslim is better than a weaker Muslim. Being Muslim we are asked to stop evil with our hands if we can do this. If we can’t, then we must speak against it or at least we say it bad in our heart but it is the weakest level of our belief (emaan). It means to stop the evil with our hands we should be strong and healthy Muslim for which we have to follow a healthy way of living. Here are 5 tips to achieve this objective.

Eat moderately

This is the first requirement to become healthy Muslim. We must enjoy all the blessings of Allah including good food but we must eat it moderately neither more nor less. In this way we will remain active and become neither weaker nor fat or lazy. For this purpose we have to use our will power to leave a little hunger undone and finish eating. You should not put any limitation in your eating. Whatever is Halal in Islam you must eat it.

Walk must

Either you have your own vehicle or you use public transport in both the cases you must spare some time to walk. For this purpose the timings after Fajr is the best one when there is no sun nor any rush on roads. You may move somewhere to walk for at least 40 minutes. On Sunday and Saturday you must take a walk; in this way you will get up early otherwise you sleep again after Fajr because of holiday.

Maintain cleanliness

Give special care to yourself and maintain your physical cleanliness as much as possible. In this way you will remain away from diseases that usually affect you if you don’t maintain cleanliness. Here cleanliness includes daily cleaning of your body, your teeth, cutting of your nails and cleaning of your mouth after every meal.

Think positive

The strength of your body directly depends upon the strength of your mind. If you think positive, your every physical activity will be constructive because you will not think about anything bad so obviously you will not do any bad deed. In this way your mind and body both will remain healthy and strong.

Pray to Allah

Despite all your precautionary measures you can never be a healthy Muslim without the blessings and help of Allah. Therefore, keep begging His mercy because without it we are unable to spend a healthy and successful life.

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