ways to spend a simple life

5 tips to spend a simple life

ways to spend a simple lifeSimplicity is the soul of beauty. It has long lasting positive effects on your life. We always gain by it and lose less or even nothing. But it is very difficult to adopt it. In this age of materialism and fanfare it is a challenge to spend a simple life. Being a Muslim we want to adopt a lifestyle without any pomp and show. But owing to rising level of materialistic competition we have to be less rigid sometimes. This happens at our workplace where corporate culture demands a showy lifestyle. Similarly in our community we have to follow some trends that are not prohibited in Islam but equally are not very simple.

Here are 5 tips to spend a simple life that make you free from various undue worries and problems.

What I can afford permanently

Adopting a new style or adding a new formality in your lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to do that once. Worldly temptations make you do this first and after that force you to continue it. This is the habit of this world. That is why before making any decision of adding a financial burden just to keep pace with current trends you must decide can you afford it forever or just doing so owing to influence of the surrounding. In that way you can get rid of a superfluous thing with a logical reason.

Can I do this without any opportunity cost?

Opportunity cost means the cost of forgoing one thing to get another. This cost may be in pleasure, satisfaction or mental relief that you have to leave to get another thing in place of it. So whenever you have to follow a new trend of society just see what you have to forgo for this. For example if you have to join a gathering that is arranged good for nothing so just evaluate the cost of your waste of time by going there. This will stop you blindly following the unnecessary trends of the society.

What is its moral benefit?

If you have to adopt an extra thing in your life just consider how much it would strengthen you moral power. If it is just a matter of show and nothing else it means it will not add any real value in your life.

What are its long-term benefits?

To spend a simple life you must see the long-term benefits of any activity which you want to join. If this is simply one-time pleasure that will not add any real joy in your life you may skip it without any second thought.

Where this will lead me?

Is the new thing which you want to adopt will lead you towards eternal success? If it is so grab it quickly. Otherwise you must think; what is its impact on your moral, ethical and religious life.

The above 5 tips can make you spend a simple life if you make them your mindset and you need not to recall them whenever society influence you to adopt a new fashion or trend.

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