eating manners in Islam

7 tips to enjoy your meal being a Muslim

eating manners in IslamA strong Muslim is better than a weak Muslim because former can be more helpful to spread the message of Islam. He can also influence others with the strength of his character to invite attention of others towards Islam. Here weakness does not mean the one because of the age factor. Old-age is a reality and everyone has to face it. However, if one gets weaker in earlier age, he must think its reasons and become a healthy Muslim. Your way of eating your meal counts a lot to make you maintain your good health.

With the holy name of Allah

Never forget to start eating food by reciting Bismillah. It will not only add barkat (abundance) in your food but you will enjoy your food with all the blessings of Allah.

Eat equal to one third of your stomach

You can fully enjoy eating but never resort to over-eating. Moreover, eating one third is the most desirable way of eating in Islam. There is no restriction on enjoying Halal food in Islam but balanced attitude in every work will always benefit you. So enjoy all the blessing of Allah and eat both vegetables and meat in your daily meal.

Drink water before eating

It is an old saying if you drink water before your meal it is gold, if you drink water while having your food it becomes silver and finally if you take water after finishing your food it is nothing or maybe become harmful for your health. The main benefit of drinking water before starting your food is that it normalizes your hunger and consequently you eat less.

Fully chew each morsel

Don’t make haste to swallow the morsel and fully chew it first. This will make you digest it easily. Good digestion of food provides you more energy and lesser fats.

Get relax while eating

Don’t do any type of activity like listening Radio, watching TV or browsing over your laptop while eating food. Discontinue every activity and give full time to your meal. In this way you will eat your food while skipping anything that you must not put into your mouth like sharp bones or any other thing like that. Similarly you will eat slowly and consume its energy.

Pay thanks to Allah

After finishing your food do thank to Allah (alahmdullilah). This will ensure abundance in your Rizq (food for eating) in future and you will never face its shortage. Being Muslim this must be belief of all of us.

Just after finishing the meal

Don’t do any physical exertion after completing your lunch or dinner. Take a little rest while sitting and then move to your regular work.

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