Islamic Weekend School Policy & Guidance



Islamic Weekend School Policy & Guidance

1.0 Objectives

Ideal Muslim has been established to improve the quality of education provision within the Muslim community of UK. The Islamic Weekend School has been set up to cater for the growing demand for religious knowledge that meets the standards of mainstream primary and secondary level education set within a flexible time frame. The objective of the course is to introduce pupils to the teachings of Islam that will enable students to practice their faith in its correct form and ensure Islam is central to their lives both as children today and adults in the future. Insha Allah.

As a minimum benchmark, they will be able to offer their daily prayers, read and recite the Qur’an, memorise various surahs and masnoon duasas as well as having an understanding of the five basic pillars of Islam.

To achieve this aim, we intend to deliver a curriculum in an environment where children are motivated to learn by providing a stimulating, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


2.0 Vision Statement

To nurture young learners to be able think and learn for themselves, whilst understanding, exploring and expressing their shared, moral, spiritual and social values of Islam and becoming part of a growing British Muslim society.


3.0 Mission Statement

To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to the highest standards within an environment that has the Islamic principles of excellence, success, mutual respect, tolerance, sacrifice and service to others at its core.


4.0 The Course Motto

‘Creating a community of lifelong learners’


5.0 The Curriculum

The curriculum has been designed to fit individual and collective needs of the students, using various different Islamic studies syllabuses selecting and combining resources to give the best learning aids possible.

• Qur’anic Studies covering various topics of day to day life

• Hifz of part of the Qur’an beginning from the 30th part.

• Aqeeda: Islamic Beliefs

• Arabic Language (Grammar and Vocabulary)

• Masnoon Duas

• Seerah of the Prophets

• Selective Hadith

• Social Etiquettes of Islam

• Islam as a Way of Life

Please refer to the five year learning objective curriculum plan.

Age: 4+

Duration: 1 year approx to cover each level. (Each student should commit to 5 years to cover a wide range of topics)

Class Size: 15 pupils per teacher approximately.

Communication: The syllabus will be delivered in the English language.

Madhab: We equally respect all the four schools of thought; however the syllabus will mainly be delivered according to the Hanafi School of Thought.

Homework: On site teaching will be supplemented by reading and homework. It is vital that parents actively engage with their children to help with their learning on a regular basis.

Attendance: All pupils are required to attend all classes without fail. Please ensure pupils arrive approx. 10 minutes before the class starts.

Assessment: Exams will be held periodically to assess the pupils learning. These will be made available to parents in reports. There will be three planned assessments and report scheduled, if parents require their child’s report for any reason they can make a written request to the teacher, whereby the teacher will collect the relevant information and provide to the parent by the second weekend.

Parents Evening: These will be arranged three times a year to discuss the child’s development with their respective teacher(s). However, we encourage informal communications with the teacher(s) when picking up your child from the school.


6.0 The Timetable

Please refer to the Timetable document


7.0 Uniform Policy

It is our strong belief that every culture and religion has its distinct identity. As such attending this course provides an excellent opportunity to express our own outward Islamic identity and belonging as a Muslim.

The following is the main requirement for pupils:


• Caps / (preferably white)

• Suitable outdoor footwear



• Scarf / Hijab (preferably white)

• Burkha or Jilbaab

• Suitable outdoor footwear



• No jewellery will be allowed to be worn in school


8.0 Course Fees & Holidays

A £40.00 non-refundable registration fee will be charged for administration costs. Thereafter, monthly payments of £50.00 per child. Payments are due at the start of each month and can be made by cash to the management staff or by setting up a standing order.


Holidays: There are no holidays planned, if the parent wishes to take their child on Holiday they must give two weeks written notice. For the avoidance of doubt, this fee is also payable during periods when the child is absent without prior notice. This is because although the child did not attend class, the teachers and support staff worked to prepare and plan the lessons.


9.0 Recruitment of Teachers

• All teachers will be qualified in their subject areas.

• All teachers will be required to undertake the compulsory CRB check in accordance with the Police Act 1997.

• All teachers will respect the ethos and rules of the school and be an example to the pupils.


10.0 Health & Safety

• A Health & Safety Policy has been developed for the School.

• A Child Protection Policy has been implemented.

• Teachers will be the pupils First Aiders with accident kits available on site.

• A compulsory register of pupils attendance will be recorded which will form the basis of any emergency evacuations that may be required.

• The main entrance gate will be will be closed approx. 10 minutes after class commences, to ensure no children leave the premises.

• In any absolute emergencies contact Mufti Kamil Sheikh on 07984864666


11.0 Suggestion Scheme

As part of our continued effort to improve our services to the community, all ideas and suggestions for future improvements or any other matter are welcome by parents, however this is only accepted in writing to ensure action can be taken accordingly. You may write, email or text to a member of staff anytime.


12.0 Disciplinary Policy

• Bullying and any use of bad or vulgar language will not be tolerated nor any other un-Islamic and anti-social behaviour.

• If a child misbehaves we will verbally inform the parents accordingly.

• In some instances the teacher may discipline a child as and when it is felt appropriate. This may be in the form of making the student stand (for a short while), detention or any other suitable punishment.

• Parents are required to remain patient when collecting their child, if detention is being implemented, remember ultimately it is for the child’s good. A maximum of 10mins without notice after school time can be implemented. A maximum of 30min detention can be implemented, providing a written note is provided to the parent a day in advance.

• If the problem persists we will inform you in writing and should it be necessary the school reserve the right to permanently expel a child from the course at any time. This decision is not negotiable and no parent/guardian is permitted to commence any legal remedy against Ideal Muslim as long as the procedures have been followed. (Please refer to the discipline procedures).

• Should you as a parent wish to make a complaint this must be done in writing only. We will endeavour to respond in writing within 4 weeks of receiving the complaint.

• For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no corporal, idiotic or embarrassing punishment permitted.


The step by step Procedure

  1. Verbal warning to the child three times informally.
  2. Two 10 min detentions after school time informally.
  3. Two 30 min detention written formally to the parents.
  4. Discussion with Child, Parent and Teacher implementing an IMdeveloping plan monitored over 2 weeks. (Documented and recorded formally)
  5. Written Suspension notice formally recorded.
  6. Final Discussion with Child, Parent and Teacher implementing an IMdevelopiong plan monitored over 2 weeks. (Documented and recorded formally)
  7. Written expulsion notice formally given to the parents, instructing to remove the child from the school permanently.


13.0 The Future Plan

It is our long term vision to develop and deliver the syllabus so that it receives recognition from external educational institutions and bodies. We intend to lay the foundations for the pupils to be able to continue their studies and sit the Islamic Studies exams up to GCSE level or equivalent, thereby benefiting the student with a recognised qualification that will provide valuable points for further education at state level. As we have a growing list of teachers we are able to provide educational programmes to suit the demand of the people.

With your help and co-operation we can get there Insha Allah.


14.0 Contacts

To register your child for a place at the school please contact us as follows:

Weekend School Course Director/Head Teacher: Ilford

(Mufti) Mohammed Kamil Sheikh (MEd)


Head Teacher: Harrow

(Moulana) Adeel Iqbal


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