Aadam (AS) Tareekh – Level 1 – Lesson 1

Aadam (AS) Tareekh – Level 1 – Lesson 1


Aadam (As) was the first man created by Allah (SWT)

Allah created Aadam from clay.

Allah taught Aadam the names and benefits of all things in nature.

Allah commanded the angels to make sujdah (bow) to Aadam.

Shaytaan did not obey the command of Allah.

He refused to make sajdah to Aadam.

Hawaa (AS) was the wife of Aadam,

She was created from the left rib of Aadam.

Aadam and his wife Hawwaa lived for a long time in Jannah (Paradise).


All of us humans are linked back to Aadam (AS), we all brothers and sisters. In the sight of Allah no one is better than anyone because of their color, strength, nationality or wealth. The best one is the one who has taqwa (who knows and understands that Allah is always watching and is the All-Knowing.)

No one knows who has the most taqwa except Allah, so to say you are better than someone is totally wrong and is the words of Shaytaan when he compared himself to Aadam (AS).


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