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About Islam religion

what is IslamAbout Islam religion you must have listened several times. But here you would get to know whatever you must know to get its clear concept. Broadly speaking, there are two types of people who talk about Islam. They are followers of Islam and opponents of Islam. Both of them have extreme viewpoint about Islam religion. In fact Islam is very easy to understand and so convenient to follow. Generally it is wrongly propagated that one becomes fanatic while following this religion of peace. This is absolutely wrong perception about Islam religion. Let’s get its clear concept.

What is the meaning of Islam?

Islam is an Arabic word that means peace and tranquility. Another meaning of Islam is surrendering yourself to the will of Allah. Its literal meaning is when you embrace the religion of Islam you give up all those acts and beliefs that are;

  • Harmful
  • Distorted
  • Doubtful

What are harmful deeds?

Harmful means any act that may harm physically or mentally to any living being. It is strictly prohibited in Islam. Either it is an individual action or collective one if it hurts the others; it is not allowed in this religion. Here hurting means killing any living being without a purpose. If you want to eat the meat of any animal that is allowed to be eaten in Islam. But there is a prescribed way to do this action. Here also you have to take care of others’ feelings and do this work with all precautionary measures. You have to first slaughter that animal in an Islamic way and then make its meat clean to cook it and eat.

What are distorted thoughts?

Distorted means any philosophy or theory that is not in its right form and you cannot follow it. We come to know that teachings of several religions were changed with the passage of time and are not in their original form. So we are not allowed to follow such teachings even if they are declared divine by a huge group of people.

What is doubtful?

Doubtful means if we don’t know about any person who has doubtful historical background we are not allowed to take him as worthy of following. As Muslims we have to follow undistorted teachings of without any doubt to follow the orders of Allah. These teachings we have in shape of Holy Quran and Hadith. About these teachings even non-Muslims admit these are in their original shape since they were communicated to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Allah some fourteen hundred years ago.

What is the philosophy of Islam?

The philosophy of Islam is very simple. It says just like everything is created by someone in the world in same way this world is created by a powerful Being and we call Him Allah. He is the creature of this entire universe and He created every living being with a purpose. He created human beings to manage the affairs of this world according to His orders. He created other living beings to facilitate human beings to run the affairs of this world and to maintain the biodiversity on this world.

What Islam demands from its followers?

There are certain beliefs and obligations one has to follow them if one really believes in philosophy of Islam. These beliefs are:

  • Belief in oneness of Allah
  • Belief in Muhammad (PBUH) as the last messenger of Allah
  • Belief in holy books sent by Allah to His Prophets
  • Belief in angels who are assigned to do different divine jobs
  • Belief in doomsday – the last day of this universe – that will come whenever Allah wants

There are five obligations in Islam which one must follow to become a Muslim

  • Kalma Tayyaba to accept the religion of Islam
  • Five times daily prayers (Salat)
  • One month fasting (Saum) in a year
  • Zakat – that is a small portion of total wealth – to give to needy people every year
  • Hajj a worship congregation to perform once in life if one can afford. It is done in Mecca Saudi Arabia the holy city of Islam.

Apart from that there is a list of prohibitions in Islam which one must avoid to obey the orders of Allah. Some important of them are:

  • To think anyone more or less equal to Allah even in slighter term – it is unforgivable sin in Islam
  • Drinking wine of any type and using other intoxicants
  • Adultery or illegitimate physical relations with someone either with or without someone’s consent
  • Nudity of even smaller type
  • Fraud, theft, decoity, graft, corruption
  • Falsehood, back-biting
  • Harming or hurting anyone physically or mentally

So this is all about Islam religion in simple terms. Do you understand now how simple are the Islamic teachings and how easily we can become a practical Muslim. For details on all above teachings, beliefs, obligations and prohibitions please visit other segments of this website (www.idealmuslim.com). Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Islam religion in the comments section below.

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