About Us


We are young passionate scholars, seeking to educate communities on the true teachings of the Prophet.

We have a long term vision to establish education centres in communities all over the UK. We have started this mission by setting weekend schools, as they are easier to operate in the early days of an organisation.

Mufti Mohammed Kamil Sheikh is the director of IdealMuslim (IM). He graduted from an Islamic Seminary after a 8 year intensive course, after which furthered his studies and gained a Masters in Islamic Education (Med). His dissertation was on “Issues and challenges facing Islamic supplementary schools”, his research bought him to the conclusion that change must be made in the supplementary schools as majority of the Muslim children population attend such madrassa’s and maktabs. Effort was made to influence the current madrassa, however the change and development was not welcomed, hence why Weekend Schools which teach children to become Ideal Muslim have been established. Currently, Mufti Kamil also works as a Head of School during the week.