Allah is All Knowing – Aqaid Level 1-Lesson 2

Allah is All Knowing – Aqaid Level 1-Lesson 2


As we are all aware that Allah is all knowing, he knows everything we do, everything we think or plan to do, he is Al- Aleem.

What is the point of knowing this fact ?

The point is fairly simple, if you know that your dad knows you were to steal something would you steal? If we know that Allah knows everything, this thought alone should refrain us from disobeying his commands.

After knowing this fact, why do we not refrain from disobeying his commands?

There can be many reasons, however usually it falls down to one key point the lack of awareness, taqwa. We fail to simply contemplate on the creations of Allah. This taddabbur as described in the Quran develops an awareness and understanding of the power of Allah.

I’ll give you an example:

Everyday we see the sky, earth, food, trees and many of the blessings of Allah, but how often do we be grateful to Allah for these blessings. Allah shows us examples of the life cycle in the everyday trees we see. In spring the flowers and leaves are born, in summer they reach their peak and are at there strongest, in winter they become old and weak and in autumn Allah sends winds to blow them off to start the cycle again. Does the new leaf ask which leave was here before? Likewise we will all depart from this world and after a couple of generations will be totally forgotten (do you remember your great great grandparents).

To begin this journey of gratefulness to Allah and complete focus for His sake, one of the first steps we must do is always remember Allah is watching us and that he knows ALL our movements. The more we remember this, the more we begin to love Him and our attitude of life changes for the better.

When the Prophet (S) was asked by Jibraeel (AS) “What is Ihsan”, He (S) replied,

 “It is that you worship Allah as if you see Him. And even though you do not see Him, [you know] He sees you.”

If you have not developed your focus enough to sense the presence of Allah, know, that he sees and knows what you are doing.

Step by step action:

1. Make a clean intention

2. Repent for the previous neglect

3. List the blessings of Allah and discuss them with a close love one

4. Put reminders of Allah in your environment, at home, car, work etc…

5. Talk to people about Allah.


And ALWAYS remember Allah knows everything, there is no playing hide and seek with Him.

I pray Allah gives us the ability to develop the thought that Allah is All knowing. Ameen




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