Allah is all seeing Aqaid Level 1- Lesson 3

Allah is referred to as “The All-Seeing” forty-two times in the Quran. For instance, Allah says:

For those who keep from evil are Gardens with their Lord, beneath which rivers flow wherein they will abide, and pure companions and contentment from Allah. Allah is the seer of all that his servants do.” [Surah Al-Imran]

Everything in existence is under Allah’s observation. His sight not only compasses the visible, but also every state of existence and every circumstance. Whenever Allah creates something, grants something, brings something to life, causes death, guides someone, or allows someone to go astray, it is in accordance with his wisdom, his perfect knowledge, and complete vision that nothing can escape. Allah says in the Quran:

Not the weight of an atom on Earth or in heaven is hidden from your Lord, nor anything lesser or greater but it is recorded in a clean book.” [Surah Yunus]

It comforts the heart to know that Allah sees and hears us when we beseech him. It strengthens our resolve and fortitude in the face of all obstacles and sorrows. When Allah sent Musa (AS) and Harun (AS) to confront Firawn (Pharaoh) He comforted them with the words:

“Indeed, I am with you, hearing and seeing.” [Surah TaHa]

When we know that Allah sees and hears everything we do, it encourages us to be more devoted in our worship, more righteous in our deeds, and kinder to others. This is why Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said: “Excellence in faith is to worship your Lord as if you see him, and though you do not see him, know that he sees you [Sahih Al-Bukhari & Sahih Muslim]

Often, people are very careful to make sure that other people don’t see or hear what sinful things they are engaging in gossiping, looking at bad sites, cheating on their spouses, engaging in unlawful seclusion, beating their wives, stealing, drinking, or gambling, etc. They close the doors and windows so people don’t see or hear their acts of disobedience. The moment they hear footsteps or they see the curtain moving, they stop or scramble and hide, afraid of getting caught. How about Allah? Are they not afraid of the One who punishes after hearing and seeing their bad acts? Allah can see even a black ant under a black stone in a pitch black at night. From Allah there is no place to hide.

The more aware we are that Allah sees us the greater our efforts will be in our worship. An employee will work harder, more productively and more conscientiously under a manager’s watchful eye. How much greater is the effect when we know we our being watched by our creator?

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Make a clean intention.
  2. Every time you commit a sin, have fear in your heart that Allah can see and hear you.
  3. Obtain the habit of doing Zikr of Allah.
  4. Make sincere duas to Allah regularly.
  5. Recharge your Imaan by reciting Quran.

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