Aqaid Level 1 – Lesson 4 Allah is All Hearing

Wherever you are Allah can see you and hear you. Even if you go to the darkest place on earth, Allah would still be able to hear you and see you. Allah can hear footsteps of an ant under a rock within a cave. We should never underestimate him. Nowadays Muslims tend to backbite about others and they think that no one will know. However, little do they know that the all Mighty Allah can hear even single little utter? Do not try to be secretive and plot evil schemes to do bad things. This is because Allah will hear you.

Whenever you speak ill of someone, you must go and tell them as you will be sinful for life. Always bear in mind that Allah is hearing you. Allah can even listen to your thoughts and intentions. He would know if you are sincerely doing good deeds (for Allah’s sake) or if you’re just doing it for your own reputation for others.

Allah can also hear the good deeds you do like, Zikr (remembrance of Allah), making dua, reading Qur’an and many more. This pleases our one and only lord. Be aware that Allah is all hearing as this would stop you from sinning. This would make your Imaan stronger. Do not lie, as this would make a breach of trust between you and fellow Muslim brothers. The hadith comes to mind that The Prophet Muhammed (SAW) states,” A Muslim is the one who keeps his hands and his tongue away from hurting others.” If you do say something bad, like swearing, then the two angels known as Kiramankatibeen would write it down as a sin. Allah would also witness it. If you seek forgiveness immediately then Allah shall forgive you.

Step by step guide:

  1. Make a clean intention.
  2. Think that Allah is watching you.
  3. Be certain that he is listening wherever you go.
  4. Crave for forgiveness straight after you do the sin.


May Allah give us the taufik to act upon what has been said.


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