Always be honest

Always be honest

Written by a Rashad a student of the Ilford Islamic weekend school

When you have been stealing and you lie, it’s not a good habbit  You have to be honest and never hide the truth. So, when you ever say a lie, correct yourself and say truth. If one lie has been said then if you say the truth, the lies will be taken away. Some people might say to you where is my ruler, you have to say the truth. Sometimes you might be guilty and you can’t say the words, but you can go to your friend and they will help you out. If your friend doesn’t help you can tell the people one by one and you don’t need to say it all together or you will be shy. This is an example what you can do to help yourself.

First, you need to tell your friend and ask for help, your friend might say ok I will help or No, why would I help you. So sometimes you have to do it by yourself. The rule is to tell people one by one and all of the people will understand what you said. If the people understand what you are saying that’s how you have to be honest so no problems will ever be seen. If you don’t know how to do it you still have to be smart and never say lies. If you are not going to do what it says then no one will believe your lies.

By Rashad (Ilford)

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