Aqaid Level 1 – Lesson 5 Allah is All Loving

Allah’s divine name “Al-Wadood” (The All-Loving), is an emphatic name derived from the Arabic word “Woodd”, which means “Houbb” (Love) as Allah says: “And He (Allah) is the All-Forgiving, the All-Loving.” [Al-Buruj; 85:14]














The Arabic word “Houbb” is, in turn, derived from “Habab Al-Asnan”, which means “whiteness, cleanliness and purity of teeth”. This means that those who love Allah, Most Gracious, are pure, chaste, sincere, and faithful. The word “Houbb” also indicates submission and obedience to the beloved. Hence, those who love Allah, Most Gracious, are dutiful and obedient to Him. They are modest, humble and submissive to the Lord, Exalted and All-High.

The word “Houbb” also means “instability”, which, in turn, means that those who love Allah are in constant instability as regards their relationship with their lord. True believers, who really love their Lord, undergo constantly changing feelings as regards their relationship with Him; while hypocrites, whose hearts are dead and, hence, emotionless, remain stable and unchangeable.

Sometimes when a hardship is brought upon us we think that Allah has put a burden upon me. Also we think Allah doesn’t love us so he is punishing us. Think of all the hardships the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) had been through and yet Allah loved him more than any other human on earth! Allah chooses what good and bad he send to anyone and he does it for the good of humanity. Maybe we do not understand now but Inshallah we will in the future

May Allah give us ALL the ability to understand, act upon and preach whatever has been written above. Ameen.

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