Ideal Muslim

Ideal Muslim is an organisation headed by Mufti Mohammed Kamil Sheikh (Med,MCMI) aiming to enhance the quality of people’s lives by providing practical tips and advices on all areas of life, giving the readers the opportunity to become Ideal Muslims. The organisation also operates Islamic Weekend Schools across London and actively teaches the future generations practical living techniques in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Guest in Islam

Guest in Islam hold a high place in the nobility of ethics that it has been made an integral part of the Faith. The Prophet said: “Anybody who believes in Allah and the last day should serve his guest generously by giving him his reward.” When asked, “What is his reward, O Allah’s messenger?” He …

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Sick Muslim

Sick Muslim or sick non-Muslim, they both have rights as is evident from the actions and sayings of the Prophet, most notable the Prophets non-Muslim neighbour who intentionally continued to hurt the Prophet, however when she fell ill the Prophet went to visit and support her. When anyone feels sick and a Muslim comes to …

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