Ideal Muslim

Ideal Muslim is an organisation headed by Mufti Mohammed Kamil Sheikh (Med,MCMI) aiming to enhance the quality of people’s lives by providing practical tips and advices on all areas of life, giving the readers the opportunity to become Ideal Muslims. The organisation also operates Islamic Weekend Schools across London and actively teaches the future generations practical living techniques in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Life as a Muslim

1.       Islam organises human life in all aspects: economic, political, cultural and social. It lays stress on the right way to solve the relevant problems, and the scriptures provide practical solutions for these problems. 2.       Islam tries to organise our life by emphasising the importance of time, a Muslim must understand the importance of time …

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Islam Rising

Islam has been rising since the first revelation to the Prophet Mohammed somewhat 1400 plus years ago. Islam being from one man to two billion is a definite rise, also statistics show that Islam is the fastest growing religion by reverts and births. In the UK I don’t know if many people have noticed the …

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