what is cardio fitness

What is cardio fitness and what are its benefits?

what is cardio fitnessCardio exercise can be defined as any exercise which elevates a person’s heart rate. The word “cardio” refers to the heart, which is basically made up of cardiac muscles, and the cardio-vascular system which supplies all of the cells in the body with blood. There are many, many different cardio fitness exercises which a person can perform in order to achieve optimum cardiac health. Some of the simplest cardio exercises which a person can perform include jogging, running bike riding, swimming and boating. In addition, many different workouts such as the typical aerobic workout come under the category of cardio exercises.

Like most of our body, the heart is also a muscle. Muscles can be kept in shape by working them and that is exactly what cardio exercises are designed for. Cardio exercises work the heart to at least 50% of its maximum level, ultimately maintaining the heart and keeping it in shape. The typical person is advised to perform at least 20 minutes of cardio exercise at least 3 times a week in order to achieve and maintain optimum cardiac health.

What are the benefits of cardio fitness?

There are many different benefits of cardio fitness exercise. The following are some of the most important benefits of cardio exercise:

It allows the cells in the body to be provided with more oxygen than usual

When a person performs cardio exercises, they strengthen their body’s cardiovascular system. When a person strengthens their body’s cardiovascular system, the capillaries through which their heart provides the body with blood (which contains oxygen) also strengthen, ultimately allowing the capillaries to provide the cells in the body with more oxygen than usual.

Weight loss

Cardio fitness exercise has been globally recognized as the best way for a person to lose weight. Weight loss is possible through cardio exercises because when the cells in a person’s body are supplied with more oxygen, more respiration will take place, more energy will be released and more fat will be burned.

It reduces the risk of heart diseases

Another important benefit of cardio exercise is that if a person performs cardio exercise and keeps their body’s cardiovascular system in extraordinary shape, the risk of them suffering from heart diseases will decrease drastically. If a person’s cardiovascular system is considerably strong, it will be capable of fending off any attacks from the agents which cause heart diseases.

Reduces stress

Cardio fitness exercise is one of the best ways using which a person can reduce the stress which their body has built up. If a person performs cardio exercise at least 3 times a week, they will definitely be able to substantially decrease the stress which has been accumulated in their body.

Increases the body’s energy levels

The bodies of the people who perform cardio fitness exercise are provided with more oxygen than usual, which is why they perform a lot more respiration (the process through which the human body obtains energy) than usual. This ultimately increases the energy levels of the body substantially.

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